ALA 2013 TDKR Skit

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#1 sarg3_5laught3r on 6 years ago


I've got two pals to play the suits, I'll be playing Bane myself. Thoughts?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for audio capture/conversion software so I can turn this into an MP3 to put on a CD?

#2 Midnight Dawn on 6 years ago

When you say suits, do you mean agents?

Audacity would work fine if you need a music/audio recording program. But like all things, it'll need some considerable editting.

#3 sarg3_5laught3r on 6 years ago

yes, by suits I mean Daggett and his underling :P.

I'll give Audacity a try and see how the audio quality comes out. Thanks for the tip!

EDIT: totally derped and left out the link. Added it so viewers actually have a frame a reference.

#4 Midnight Dawn on 6 years ago

Are you looking for an original scene or are you fine with using one already portrayed by the movie?

With the excerpt of Bane breaking Daggerts neck is already pretty good. If the acting is good, it'll definitely give some terrific shock value.

#5 sarg3_5laught3r on 6 years ago

We'll be doing the scene basically verbatim. The choice comes down the the neck break. Should we show it or have the lights cut to black with the snap, so all the crowd hears is the screaming? Both are powerful, but I am thinking that the cut to black will shock the audience more, as it allows their imaginations to take helm.... Decisions, decisions...

#6 Midnight Dawn on 6 years ago

Yeah I think that is better.

Just the moment you break his neck, the scene fades to black as all that can be heard is the grotesques sounds of bone breaking, cartilage ripping, and a corpse falling to the ground.

#7 sarg3_5laught3r on 6 years ago

and lets not forget the squealing of a man getting his skull compacted.

#8 Midnight Dawn on 6 years ago

lol, yep.

So will that be all?

#9 sarg3_5laught3r on 6 years ago

yeah. Skits need to be 2 minutes or less, and that scene is about 1:45

#10 Midnight Dawn on 6 years ago

You're definitely golden then.

And good luck.

BTW, please post a vid as that would be awesome.