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#1 RyokoYuuki on 7 years ago

Hello all! Figured I'd start this here! So please post which cosplays you wore on what days/times, and good luck to finding your pictures! Also feel free to post up links to your photos of the con!

First, here's my dinky FB album: [url][/url]

Also I'm looking for pictures of:

Friday Night of con I was cosplaying as Rocky Horror from Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Saturday Hardgay!Loki... My most embarrassing cosplay ever and I have no pictures of me in this!


#2 BKitten on 7 years ago

I was Kakashi & Amaimon on Saturday and Amaimon on Sunday.
My friends were Connor Kenway (Assassins Creed 3) and Anko (Naruto).
Thank you ahead of time.

Photos: [URL=""]Yaoicon 2012 Flickr Album[/URL]

Stark & Loki Skit: [URL=""][/URL]
America Skit: [URL=""][/URL]
KoiCosplay Skit: [URL=""][/URL]
Comedy panel songby Anton: [URL=""][/URL]

#3 BKitten on 7 years ago

Here are some other galleries I found while browsing around.

Kimihiro-kun: [URL=""][/URL]
Mike Rollerson: [URL=""][/URL]
MisledYouth74: [URL=""][/URL]

ACParadise Photo Room Photos: [URL=""][/URL]