SOS Atelier Rorona Staff In major Need of help!!!

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#1 Vocaloid-Miku on 6 years ago

Hello Everyone! I am in major need of help in Creating Rorona's staff from the Game Series Atelier Rorona! I have a base sketch that I will use for the skeleton but I have no idea where to go from there! Does anyone have any ideas what sort of materiel's I should use to build around the skeleton or just have any suggestions?
Thank you SOOOO very much!!!!

Photos of staff:



#2 natsuo on 6 years ago


That is the only photo I have seen of someone who made it. But here is how I would personally go about making it.

First of all, is it just for a photoshoot or for a convention? Because durability may be an issue.

For the actual staff part, just get a really long dowel rod or two short ones and wood glue them together. For the top part, I would use sculpy. The problem is that it may break.

You could also use model magic to mold the top parts. I used model magic to make the flower's on Kairi's keyblade, and I would never hit it against something because it WOULD break, but if you are careful and MAKE SURE you let it dry for 3-4 days before you paint it, it should work.

#3 natsuo on 6 years ago

Actually, for the blue parts that look like glass, you COULD use ISOMORPH. It is a plastic that you heat up and mold and then it hardens.

The coolest thing would be if you could find a kind that STAYS CLEAR. That way it would look like glass.

#4 Vocaloid-Miku on 6 years ago

Thank you soooooooo much!!!!
It is for a convention but not a crazy large one. So durability isn't like a major issue. Thank you so much for the picture and for the help!!! Youare very kind to take time and post suggestions/help! It is much aprishiated! Thank you!!!!