Hetalia 2011!!!!

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#1 Shokora on 9 years ago

EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!!! :-) This is the "liaison" thread for the Hetalia thread that currently exists on the Fanime forums [url]http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,12569.0.html[/url]. However, if you posted on the Fanime forums, please check in here too!!!! The place is the same as last year: the shady spot on the Hilton side, in front by the Con Entrance.

Place:Convention Center Entrance (by fountains), Hilton Side
Day: Sunday
Time: 10:30am

NOTE: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Special thanks to fellow cosplayer Rukazu from the ALA thread for this reaaaaally looooong list of Hetalia cosplays!

Axis Powers:
North Italy - Axelai (Happy Materials), Axelai's friend, Shyloh, Marisuga, Tattooed Fujoshi's friend, DarkLotusRen, Ana, whitexotaku's friend (Mafia!)
Germany - Shokora (WWI), DarkLotusRen's GF, Ritsu H Saotome, NechamaMoonStone, Sabienstrange's friend
Japan - Axelai's friend, yuixmisora, acostory (yukata)

Allied Forces:
USA - fwuffyxbunny's friend (fem!), Kites-Kun, Atikal, whitexotaku (Mafia!), TheonenamedA (Chess Fanart), Miyuran's friend (Rev. War)
England- J-chan, Miyuran (Rev War), tsumikuroi
France - Dillion, Angelx624 (Aust. Succ.), Hyuu_Fai (Children's Day), TheMusician's friend, Hakoshi, Chaye (Children's Day), stitchez, fwuffyxbunny's friend (fem!), MokubaKaiba (FIFA)
China - ElvenArcher, Somebody, chococookies, Shinigamiyoko (Milt. Unif.), cheesecakecat's friend
Russia - ice queen, UgIy, avatarkayla (Halloween)

Austria - tsukie (Hapsburg), DerangedGenius, Obliviousedward, Rukazu3
Belarus - JewishCosplayer, Saturnchan
Belgium- XxMysticRosexX, NeoVerona
Greece - Chaye's friend, Soxrocker04
Hungary - In Cadmium, myalchod (Chibitalia-era), Saturnchan's friend, TheMusician's friend, Jheda, airanimechiic, Tenchi127
Liechtenstein-DeadlyWings (Swiss Military Uniform), unifrog (calendar outfit), Somebody's friend
Poland- mdarkpoet (WW2)
South Italy - XMilesxFeebieX, LastExile, Miyuran's Friend (Chibi), Shellysunfish (Chibi)
Spain - CosplayerJJ, TheMusician's friend, Anicofe (Aust. Succ), xianpu, Lucky (Police)
Switzerland- Axelai's friend, Yuu
Ukraine- Megan

Denmark - Rcsi1
Finland - Eerie Butterfly, Waffle-lover26's friend, Hibari-san's friend, Kagaminerin02
Iceland - Waffle-lover26, Hibari-San's friend
Norway - Hibari-San's friend, cheesecakecat
Sweden - Eerie Butterfly's friend, Kagaminerin02's two friends

Lithuania - Raemien, livi-chan
Latvia -

Hong Kong-
Taiwan- AR710, fwuffyxbunny
South Korea- Hibari-san's friend
Philippines - Eerie Butterfly's friend, HeeroYuy135, Ryusan

Canada - nicorru, Dylan, The Musician's friend, Hitomi-Chan99 (child), TrinityMonkey
Cuba- Spica_PI_16
Mexico -

Australia- TheDomoDino
Egypt- Demetria656, DarkLotusRen's friend
Holy Roman Empire- Migi
Ireland- Kagome437's friend
Prussia - Tattoed Fujoshi, TheMusician (Aust. Succ.), SabienStrange, TheDevotedOne, JamesR
Roman Empire-
Wy- maomaotan
Scotland- Kagome437's friend
Sealand- XxGDragonnX, Hibari-san, Miyuran's friend
Seychelles - MelonSmasher (uniform), xneverconformx (17th Cent. gown)
Turkey- Soxrocker04's friend
Joan of Arc- Sunnystars

[U]Photo Lineup (Tenative)[/U]

Group Shot

Axis Powers

Allied Forces

All WW2



Russia Family/Baltics




Others (anyone not listed above, like Egypt/Seychelles/Wy)

Alternate Versions (Chess Art, Halloween, Mafia, ect)

Fem! Versions

War of Austrian Succession

Hapsburg Family

Revolutionary War


Scene Reenactments


#2 Deadlywings on 9 years ago

Put me down for Iceland for now X3

#3 Cadmium Polyphony on 9 years ago

I'll be going as Hungary.

Somebody give me a sammich. (Had to say that. But seriously, cosplaying Hungary)

#4 Shokora on 9 years ago

Awesome! I put you two on the list :-)

#5 Axelai on 9 years ago

I will be going as either fem!America or America, depending on how hot or cold it is XD;;

I'll also have friends cosplaying Switzerland, Japan, and Italy c:

#6 Shokora on 9 years ago


Hey!!! Okay, for now I'll just put you down as America, and when the date gets closer and we actually know what the weather is going to be, I can change it! And YAY for your friends!!!! I'll put them down as well ;-)

#7 ElvenArcher on 9 years ago

Hey, it's ICosplayNeji from the fanime thread. I figure I should RSVP here too. I originally said I was going to be there as China, but there are always quite a few China cosplayers. So depending on the number, I'll either go as China or Thailand but I plan to be there regardless ^^

#8 Shokora on 9 years ago

Hey ICosplayNeji/ElvenArcher!!!!! Okay, at the moment I'll put you as China....and if we get a bunch of China cosplayers, remind me and I'll switch you to Thailand. Thanks for letting me know!

#9 Eerie Butterfly on 9 years ago

Put me down as Finland^^

#10 ElvenArcher on 9 years ago

@Shokora Coolness~

#11 Shokora on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=Eerie Butterfly;3713123]Put me down as Finland^^[/QUOTE]

Gotcha on the list :-)

#12 sunnystars on 9 years ago

I'll be there as some form of England XD

#13 Shokora on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=sunnystars;3713801]I'll be there as some form of England XD[/QUOTE]

Awesome!!!! I put you on the list :-)

#14 XxMysticRosexX on 9 years ago

I'll be going as Belgium.

#15 acostory on 9 years ago

I'll be attending! I'm not sure who as yet, probably Netherlands.

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