Any SNK fans in the Dallas/Garland area who want some 3d shots...

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#1 Meredith on 5 years ago

I'd be perfectly willing to let any fans (that I've met before at say AnimeFest or something coming up, obv, not utter strangers) use the zip line we have in our backyard. We have a rock-climbing harness (it's the kind that covers you pelvis sort of like a rope diaper) that you could (mostly) hide with the 3d gear and just jump off the platform and swing across the yard to get some really awesome shots. (we even have a really nice treeline for the backdrop) I'd love to meet some AoT cosplayers in the area!

I came up with this idea about about 9PM so it's too dark to get good photos but tomorrow I'll go out with my tripod and show you what I mean. Right now we have a rather bulky white rope but we can perhaps find something to replace it or else try not to get it in the shot. (and I might need to find some WD-40 or similar for the pully if you wanna go super-duper fast and get some REALLY dynamic shots)

I do need some money (yes it is a nice house because we have a zip line but it's my parents and I'm not getting any money from them and I need to move out soon) so if I can get some sort of donation thing going that might be even better (plus that way I might be able to get some actual cables to use for the rope instead of just a...well, rope) since I'll be doing the photography as well as letting anyone use the zip line.

-shrug- Just thought of it at random so it might be a stupid idea but there it is if anyone wants it. I'll add pictures tomorrow. I know there were a lot of AoT fans at A-kon this year (sadly I couldn't go in costume but I saw you all ;D) We don't really use the zip line for much of anything anymore (surprisingly easy to get bored of it when it's 100 degrees outside) and I figured "oh hey Attack on Titan has the whole grappling hook thing going on!"

#2 CosplayerGabi on 5 years ago

It's a nice idea. With a little creative photo taking and some photoshop it could make for some stellar photos.