Any Dragon Ball Z cosplayers?

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#1 airpwane on 6 years ago

Anyone planning on cosplaying stuff from DBZ at Metro? My friends and I have a small group ready. We currently have A17, A18, Bulma, Goku, Videl, 1/2 Launch, and Chi Chi. Looking for more people to be awesome with us :D!

#2 Kitsune on 6 years ago

I'm fixing to bring Trunks to Metro with me this year. Possibly without the sword just because it gets in the way and I have to work (and he doesn't wear it in the movie I made the costume from, anyway XD). I wouldn't be able to join for a group proper, but I could possibly wear the costume whenever your group will be being awesome and try to run into you guys between all my running around. XD