Pumped for CN Anime?

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#1 sweet_kat22 on 12 years ago

Just thought I would share my excitement with others. So I introduce the Pumped thread for CN Anime, who else is pumped and extereeeemley exited right now and its only a month away !!!

And can't wait to get there and be in costume, participate in the masq and other events.

Who else talks about it like every day to one person or another lol

I seriously dunno what I will do when the convention is done. I will be bored.

Anyone already have their costumes ready? Wondering if I am the only one not finished yet lol.

Sorry if theres a thread like this already I wanted to start my own because I am hyper and pumped to go to the convention when it isnt even here yet :p

#2 chaos_magician on 12 years ago

heck no I'll be doing the last minute thing just watch..I'm still a full time student at school which finishes in about 3 weeks so I haven't touched much yet..Jiraiya is almost finished ordered my geta so should arrive soon and Reno well the wig is done but have to alter the jacket and make the baton.. so yeah not quite done but I will no matter what!! yay!! for last minute!!but eeeeeeeeeeee feeling very excited and stressed right now since there's much work to do but of course every con is a blast so looking forward to it!!

#3 sweet_kat22 on 12 years ago

Nice, I will have to get a pic with you too. There are so many people on this board I want to meet. And the funny part is that we all wont get to know who we really are since we all will be acting like our characters lol.

#4 TiyenaKayla on 12 years ago

I'm totally pumped about this. I can't wait yet I have so much to do but that's ok. Stay at home mother has alot of time on her hands lol.

#5 Kawaii Akina on 12 years ago

i totally can't wait for CNA i just hope that i can booked off again for work and it will work this time again ^^" i keep changing my costume plans but i totally have them set that's for sure~

i have 1/3 done all ready. one semi working on at the moment and one know where near started that's for sure T__T hopefully i can get either one done before the convention lol but totally can't wait for sure~!

#6 sweet_kat22 on 12 years ago

Cool cool, Looks like everyone else is just as excited.

I am probably the most , I bet everyone else remembers how excited they were for their first cosplay.

(Technically not my first costume, but my first cosplay because last time we didnt really "act" out our characters (me and me EX I mean)

#7 Alexia Ishtar on 12 years ago

hmm well I'm not SOOOO far behind XD I just bought fabric for my pirate costume today so heh ^_^()

#8 Rock nam Lee on 12 years ago

OH YEAH!!!! ~0~

Can't wait. I'll be there as Kenpachi. If anyone recognizes anyone else, tell them!!! Then get a picture with them!!!:toothy:

#9 chicken_lover on 12 years ago

God....... lol. All I can think about right now is getting my costume ready for CNA xD.

Hope to see some familiar faces from AN and some new people too ;).

Ahhhhhhh.....! I can't get it outta my head X_x

#10 oneas on 12 years ago

Doing my sora again emo style now XD

#11 Terensu on 12 years ago

... I haven't started on my ANBU gear yet, I keep telling myself I'll do it tomorrow... Seems like tomorow never comes... My Shikaku costume is almost done though, I just need the arm guard thingy... I also ordered one of them ninja boots from ebay to replace the traditional Naruto sandals the characters usually wear... Cause I took apart the ones I made (right after the Naruto gathering at High Park T_T) and chucked the materials, except for the actual flip-flops, in the garbage. The ninja boots should look ok with the ANBU gear, but I don't know how they would look with my Shikaku costume... Anyways, I better get going... Need sleep...

And dang namnit... I haven't registered online yet... I'll do it tomorrow!

#12 Carsis on 12 years ago

Im pumped, are you pumped :P

yeah, im pumped for this too ^_^ My Gaara costume is nearing completion. Now all I need to do is make the gourd, then practice using makeup :P hey, im a guy here who has never worn makeup before ^^;;

#13 captain wolf on 12 years ago

(sigh!) I'll tell you.... long story short, I've been planning this thing since August 29, 2005.... the day after last year's CNAnime. Something I picked up from my mom when I caught her getting ready for Christmas on Boxing Day.(!)
Anyway, a lot has happened in that time, including moving from a public housing place to an actual apartment. Had that not happened, I'd have a lot more money at my disposal, still have a lot though.
Right now, I find it really hard to believe that as of this posting it's less than a month away. I feel like I'm already there, I'm not even here, or at home, or at work, or at the local movie house.... well, you get the idea.
Still so much left to do, better get to it then, I will say good day to you all.

#14 sweet_kat22 on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=oneas]Doing my sora again emo style now XD[/QUOTE]

YES I need a pic with you because I loved your costume on the other threads. :)

And hey Carsis, didnt think you posted anymore.

Muwahah I got everyone else more excited :p

#15 Natty Dread on 12 years ago

anyone who has been thru the cnanime masquarade, could you give me some advice? i wanted to enter this year....

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