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#1 Psycho Sukafu on 7 years ago


I'm planning on building uniforms for Olivier and Miles for a FMA group my friends are doing. However, I do not want to simply sew on patches for the pins that go on the collars. Does anyone know of a reputable place to buy or commision them? (Or maybe what to type into Google? fma military pin doesn't pull up much) I did try and search here as well but no luck.
The one place I have found them. Looks risky. [URL=""][/URL]

Any assisance would be much appreciated. (_ _)

#2 harmonyisarine on 7 years ago

I don't actually have a close-up online, but I had to make several of the military costumes, so my sculpt-talented friend made me a few proofs and molds for me to cast perfect copies. I still have the molds (though I have to find out which state they're in; if they're in PA, I won't have access to them until mid-May). I could do a casting for you, if you don't mind having them made out of resin with either silver paint or silver metal powder for color. You can see the finished pins [URL=""]here [/URL]on Mustang's collar, and if you want I can find a close-up. All I'd ask in return is for you to cover costs and shipping, anything more than that would go to my friend.

Otherwise, look at reviews for cosplayhouse? I know I couldn't find any for sale at all when I made my uniforms, and I tend to make all my stuff, so I don't know any sellers' reputations.

#3 Psycho Sukafu on 7 years ago

Sounds reasonable, although close-up shots would help. I'll PM you to discuss details further.

#4 harmonyisarine on 7 years ago

Edited to add the link. It's not a true close up, but I didn't actually zoom in on the image, the camera is just that good. It's not perfect, but it seems that I lost my pins, so I can't take a true close-up.


It's frustrating how hard these pins can be to find, I'm just lucky that I have a friend who sculpts like a dream.