Ice Lord Brainstorming

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#1 Fennius on 8 years ago

Right well for a long time I've wanted to do one of these two:


since the Ice Lord is most definiately easier to do, that would be my first choice. Now if I do this it probably wont be for a while since I'm busy and don't have a huge amount of cash, so I would also want it to be as cheap as possible while still looking good.

The helmet and breastplate can be made of papier mache, maybe fibreglass if I've figured out how to do it by the time I get around to this. Should be fairly simple.

The hands, either I make some sort of flexible claw out of soemthing, or I just get some green mittens. Don't look at me like that there ARE ones that would look okay. :)

Wellies are...well...wellies. Getting really cheap ones can be anyone, but its not a huge concern. Though something that looks a little better might be nice.

Cape: either I go looking for an actual cape, or I just grap a load of velvet from a store, and drape it on.

Belt: Various designs might work(actually I think only oen Ice Lord had one), should be simple.

Gun: Obviously a pen light would be simplest, not sure how I could activate it though, without some electronic fiddling. Hmm, I'f I'm going to take things apart though, a sonic might be good for the sound. I mean it IS a sonic blaster. :)

But the big two are:

Bodysuit. I have no idea what to do for this. The closest I can think is either a zentai suit, which is rather too tight, or a boiler suit, which is rather too pockets and zips. Maybe it would work if the breastplate covers pockets and stuff, but the texture is still rather obviously wrong. If I got one of those, how would I go about making it look alien? (Sewing something togther from scratch is not an option for me)

And finally - the chin. And maybe more of the face if the eyepieces are too transparent, but that shouldn't be a huge problem, just some balck facepaint should do. But the chin itself looks like this:


I can think of two options, either I browse through rubber masks for something suitable(I'm sure I saw soemthing once, but didn't make note of it), or I try and do it with makeup. Having absolutely zero knowledge or practice at that, it may not work well.

Suggestions anyone?

#2 Fennius on 8 years ago

I've started work on the helmet, just a couple of basics so far.



Rather simply, the brown crown is what goes on my head, the purple one will attatch to is and form the base of the actual helmet. I'll stick some card to mostly cover the gaps, and do lower section, then a layer of papier mache, then I'll try my hand at fibreglassing.


I'm thinking this material for the cape

though it's actually a tad more teal, and only velvet on one side. Yes I know the cape in the show was spangly, but I prefer the look of velvet. That batch is slated for a Green Lantern costume though, so I'll look at others when getting more.

#3 Fennius on 8 years ago

Helmet progress, I realised partway through that I'd made it too short, so as you can see I've added soem hieght and made it pointier.

I'm mainly going for an Izlyr-style rather than Slaar, though it's got a slightly wider, curved opening.



A little more filling in with card, and I should be able to mache it tomorrow. Fibreglass kit I ordered will arive in a couple of days hopefully.

For the gun I will probably go with this, painted:



I can't seen any easy way to fire it one handed, so I'll have to take a little artistic license there.

As for the suit, I'll almost certainly go for green overalls, though I may add ribbons/braid/stuff for details. I might go more 'noble' in look than 'millitary'. Spmewhere around I had a gold chain belt that would have been quite good but I can't find it.

#4 Fennius on 8 years ago

Putting red filters in front of your eyes may sound cool, but my god it makes everything look really creepy. Especially the sky.

#5 Fennius on 8 years ago


I've also now added a nose ridge, hopefully when the papier mache dries I can fibreglass it today. though it may need another layer for strength.


Though there's not quit enough at the wrists, so I've added more foam. Carve it out either this evening or tomorrow.

Can anyone reccomend some(preferrably cheap) brands for latex to use? Ideally I could use the same stuff to create a mask for the chin. Also ideally it should come in a dark green so I don't have to get a seperate paint specifally for it.

Finally it would be best if it was sold in the UK!

#6 Fennius on 8 years ago

Fell behind on updating this, but ehre it is.

[URL=""]Essentially finished, see description for details.[/URL] :D