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#1 Clockwork Alice on 9 years ago

[FONT="Arial Black"]Hetalia Day in LA 2011[/FONT]

[B]Location: Anthony C. Beilenson Park (Lake Balboa) in Van Nuys, CA
Address: 6300 Balboa Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91406
Date: Saturday, October 22nd
Time: 10am to 6pm[/B]

Just a quick summary of what Hetalia Day is: Oct 24th is United Nations Day. Someone out there in livejournal land had the idea of applying this to the global Hetalia fandom. So what does that mean? A day of worldwide gatherings and the general celebration of all things Hetalia! Because the 24th is now on a weekday this year, the date has been moved to the 22nd so people who have school on the weekdays can still attend![/CENTER]


Please make sure to read and review the Hetalia Day in LA Code of Conduct (see second post) for this event and stay tuned for updates.

And yes, this gathering will in fact be Halloween themed yet again~! We encourage you to get creative and come as your favorite character in Halloween garb, but it's definitely not a requirement. Keep in mind that this gathering is also a potluck, so we would appreciate it if you could bring something to eat and drink.



Games and Contests:

[U]Miss Hetalia Day Pageant[/U]
- Time for you to strut your stuff~! There will be a few different awards given for certain categories. Are you the scariest? The silliest? The most creative? Who is the fairest nation of them all? Limited to 30 contestants.

[U]Are You Smarter Than America?[/U]
- Do you trust America's judgement? Contestants will be chosen at random. Questions will be on history and geography.

[U]Crumpets to Crumpets[/U]
- This is basically Apples to Apples, but with a certain British flair. If you don't know how to play, don't worry. We'll explain it to you before we begin.

[U]"Mein Boot of Bier Fell Over!"[/U]
- This game is based on Mr. Daruma Fell Down (Daruma-san ga koronda), a Japanese game that is similar to Red Light, Green Light. Seize Prussia before she finishes saying "Mein boot of bier fell over" and she seizes you herself. This game will be played in rounds until there are six finalists. The winner gets an awesome prize from Prussia!

[U]Wa Wa Wa World Ondo Flash Mob[/U]
- Put on those dancing shoes and start practicing. We're participating in the World Ondo flash mob video! We'll teach and practice the dance a few times to get it down before we record, so don't worry about messing up! Here are some videos to get you started: [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEkPI3_ogW0"]one[/URL], [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC7RFtem_0k"]two[/URL], [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6BjCyBvltU"]three[/URL].

- A model United Nations debate. More info coming soon.

I'm open to more game ideas if you'd like to suggest any!

Special Activity!

Ever wanted to have some professionally done photos of your costume? Are the usual businesses' prices just too much for your wallet to handle? Worry not! Aubrie's Photography is here to save the day! At Hetalia Day in L.A. 2011 Aubrie herself will be on site with her portable photo studio offering FREE complimentary photo shoots for attendees of the event. No sign-ups required, just come as you are!

Sponsored by [url=http://www.aubries-photography.webs.com/]Aubrie's Photography[/url] and [url=http://caliconblog.net]The California Conventions Blog[/url].

Please fill out this form in your reply:

Country and costume you will be coming as (Ex: America as the Hamburglar):
Are you coming via public transportation?:
What you are bringing for the picnic:
Additional Info:



[U]The Americas[/U]

America: Mega♥Busted (Indiana Jones), Austin, Liana (Nyotalia), Toreadork (Nyotalia), Getheyon (Mafia)


China: Ruzik (vampire)
Korea: Saiyaka
Hong Kong:
Vietnam: 2star03 (Nyotalia)


N. Italy: Ryan
S. Italy: Rinkuu (Altar Boy)
England: Steph O'Dell (James Bond), scdshuton (Halloween)
France: Hitomi-chan99 (Lestat)
Spain: sucrose2071, Sam (Priest)
Hungary: animenerd93 (Pirate), SweetPandaMochi (Maid)
Holy Roman Empire:
Grandpa Rome:

[U]Eastern Europe[/U]

Russia: sucrose2071's friend, TheUnderDog (Panda)
Belarus: 27XxJuDaImExX27's friend
Ukraine: 27XxJuDaImExX27 (Silent Hill nurse)


Germany: caseroo12 (Nyo!Steampunk)
Prussia: Clockwork Alice (Nyo!Halloween), Pichi Mermaid (Halloween), Hina-chan410 (Nyo!Halloween)
Austria: Cheshire Tiger (Halloween), Amethyst Nat (Nyotalia)

[U]Northern Europe[/U]

Finland: squkyshoes (Viking)

[U]Mediterranean & Others[/U]

Greece: Cheshire Tiger's friend
Turkey: Cheshire Tiger's friend (L4D Hunter)
Northern Cyprus:
Seychelles: Nello-nyan


New Zealand:


Sealand: KittyKax

[U]Original Characters[/U]

Philippines: piripin
Photographia: Jerry


Cameramen: holyemperor
Regular Attendee: Getheyon's dad, ZackPuppy, Bee Vong, Bee Vong's Dad & Little Sister, Hayley, Andrea, Andrea's cousin
Undecided: Hina-chan410, uchiha_ryu, ate_flexi


[U]Who is bringing what?[/U]

Food, drink, plates/utensils:

Clockwork Alice: Halloween candy and bratwurst (if we get a grill)
sucrose2071: Churros
Pichi Mermaid: Case of bottled water and chocolate cake
Steph O'Dell: A&W Soda
Hitomi-chan99: Candy or cookies
Cheshire Tiger: Chips and Halloween candy
Toreadork: Sugar cookies
Getheyon: Cupcakes
uchiha_ryu: Mantou
piripin: Cake
Amethyst Nat: Cookies
caseroo12: Doritos
holyemperor: Snacks and drinks
Hina-chan410: Cookies
2star03: Chips
ZackPuppy: Water
Hayley: 2-3 pots of spaghetti
ate_flexi: Box of pizza
SweetPandaMochi: Italian Stir-Fry
Sam: Pretzels
Andrea: Plates, utensils, napkins
Saiyaka: Sandwiches
TheUnderDog: Pirozhki or stroganoff, maybe potato salad
27XxJuDaImExX27: Varenyky


squkyshoes: Tarp
Mega: Ice chest, paper plates, trash bags, Halloween decorations, prize donations
Mega's dad: Canopy, large folding table
Jerry: 2 tables, one or two popups, several chairs, maybe some snacks or water


[U]Contact Us:[/U]

Send us an email for volunteer information here:

[email][email protected][/email]

Clockwork Alice's Contact Info:

AIM: KurageOngaku
E-mail: [email][email protected][/email]
Skype: macaron.massacre

Mega♥Busted's Contact Info:
AIM: BoxersofJustice
E-mail: [email][email protected][/email]
Skype: sperb.junior

*Please Tell Us Who You Are When You Add Us Or We Will Ignore Your Message!*

#2 Clockwork Alice on 9 years ago


For those of you who are allergic to walls of text, my friend Mega♥Busted made you guys an [URL="http://soundcloud.com/superspecks/aphday-rules"]audio version[/URL].

[U]Hetalia Day in LA 2011 ~ Code of Conduct[/U]

It is CRUCIAL that everyone attending this event reads and understands these rules. If anything is unclear, you are most welcome to ask for us to clarify.


[U]Weapons[/U]: We know you guys love your weapon replicas, but due to park rules, we'd like for you to leave them at home. If we see anyone with a weapon prop, you will be asked to leave them in your car. If you don't have a car, you may leave them at our bag check and retrieve them when you leave the event. Props considered as weapons are gun replicas, sword replicas, pipes, and other similar props. It does not matter if it is plastic or has an orange tip. Please respect the parks rules so we do not run into any issues with their security.

[U]Flags[/U]: This is a BIG issue. Bear in mind that the flag you carry as a prop is also the symbol of a country and must be treated with respect. You are allowed to bring a flag with you so long as you take care of it properly. We cannot stress this enough! If you bring a flag, please keep it on a flagpole or fold it neatly and place it in a bag when you are not using it for photos. DO NOT SIT ON THEM OR LEAVE THEM ON THE GROUND. Please have respect for the nation whose flag represents. Park rules state that nothing can be staked in the ground, so please don't stake your flag poles.


[U]Gestures[/U]: Certain gestures and sayings may have a deep negative connotation and should NEVER been taken lightly. Keep your surroundings in mind. For example, if we see a Germany or Prussia cosplayer in a “Sieg Heil” or doing any such gesture, organizers will give you a warning. If you continue this behaviour, we have the right to ask you to leave the gathering. We don't care if it's meant as a joke. Bottom line, it is inappropriate and neither the time nor the place. What you do at home in private is your own business, but we will not tolerate it at this gathering. On that same note, please refrain from wearing Nazi or even Red Army attire at the park. It is a public place where people other than cosplayers will see you.

[U]Harassment[/U]: Unfortunately, this topic has come up several times. We shouldn't have to tell you to keep your hands to yourself, but... KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF. My co-organizer and I keep hearing about Prussia and France cosplayers that get way too grabby handed with other cosplayers, and frankly, that disturbs us. Unless you know the person and they are completely okay with it, you should NEVER touch a fellow cosplayer in an inappropriate manner. We don't care how in-character you think it may be. It's also in-character for Russia to bludgen people with his pipe, or Hungary to hit people with her frying pan, but you don't see those cosplayers actually doing that, do you? If our volunteers see any of that going on and the harassed cosplayer feels distressed, you will be asked to leave, no questions asked. ESPECIALLY if said "victim" is a minor. Bad Touch Trio be damned, we don't want to see any bad touching. This also means NO GLOMPING. Glomping is very dangerous, especially for those who are not expecting it. And because this seems to be a problem when it shouldn't be... KEEP YOUR DRAMA AT HOME OR ON YOUR DA/FACEBOOK/TUMBLR/CGL. Just because you can get away with talking crap about other people online, doesn't mean it's going to fly here. It is HARASSMENT and if you start anything, your options are to either stop or go home.

[U]Respect[/U]: Please respect the other park attendees. Some people will naturally be curious and ask what you're up to, so don't be rude to them. Also, we really don't want to see a huge group of cosplayers in the playground. If there are a lot of kids playing there, let them play in peace. Some kids tend to be rude as well and will make snide remarks about your costumes. You may want to avoid that. We honestly don't need to see a grown person arguing with a seven year old. =_=;


[U]CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH[/U]: Littering is against the law and making other attendees of the gathering clean up YOUR mess is really uncool. We'd like it if people could take initiative and pick up trash they see lying around even if it's not theirs. We get so frustrated when we ask for help cleaning up and somebody has the bright idea to say, "Well I'm tired and that's not mine anyway." and we're pretty sure you'd feel the same if you were in our shoes. In order to ensure that the park staff feel comfortable with us returning next year and the year after and for as many years as we feel like doing this again and again, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you keep our area clean!

[U]Parents and Non-Fandom Individuals[/U]: Hetalia has fans of all ages, so we're fairly certain some of our younger fans will join us for the day. We have quite a few high school aged friends and acquaintances due to the nature of anime and cosplay, and we know that their parents are VERY concerned about safety at events. There is also a high likelihood that "normal people" will ask us what we're up to. Rather than being rude to them, here are a few suggestions for attendees that easily soothe the worried parental unit and spark the interest of the average Joe.

1. Encourage your parents to come along! - Even in other fandoms, we love it when the parent of a fan seems interested. Heritage is a really good conversation starter for older fans, so if you're well-informed of your family tree, definitely play that up!
2. Have a positive attitude! - Smiles go for miles, so if a little kid says something to you, smile. If people cheer and wave and holler because they like your gigantic Spanish flag, smile and wave back. If someone asks what kind of party we're throwing, tell them we're celebrating World Peace! After all, when the whole world comes together for something as amazing as Hetalia Day, there's no way you can get away with being sad for too long.
3. Have fun! - This is the most important guideline of all. We're here to have fun, and if you're not having fun people will notice. Have a good time, make new friends and talk about the fandom. We're all friends here. <3

We know this may seem like a whole lot to swallow, but we feel these rules are necessary. Not to mention most of this is common sense. In a nutshell, we just want everyone to conduct themselves appropriately so that everyone can have a good time. =w=b

#3 sucrose2071 on 9 years ago

going! As spain, but I'm not sure what costume yet lol I will bring churros!

#4 Clockwork Alice on 9 years ago

Yes! Churros! I approve!

#5 Mega♥Busted on 9 years ago

Character: America - Nyotalia Halloween ver.
Are you coming via public transportation?: Indubitably!
What you are bringing for the picnic: Paper plates, trash bags and one case of bottled water.
Additional Info: n/a

#6 Steph O'Dell on 9 years ago

Country and costume you will be coming as: Nyotalia!Canada as [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendigo"]Wendigo[/URL]
Are you coming via public transportation?: Yes
What you are bringing for the picnic: Baked goods of some sort? Possibly a soda?
Additional Info: N/A

#7 Pichi Mermaid on 9 years ago

Don't know if i need to but...I'm gonna be Halloween Prussia
No public transportation for me
I'll bring a case of bottled water, and chocolate cake :)

We should play Hetalia truth or dare!!

#8 scdshuton on 9 years ago

Hey in the one that we just combined into, I was like the co-host as Halloween England. So sign me up and i am glad to help. Oh and idk what im bringing yet

#9 sucrose2071 on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=Clockwork Alice;4125009]Yes! Churros! I approve![/QUOTE]

Hopefully, I will be able to make them correctly this time hahaha! They came out looking very awkward last time XD;

#10 Mega♥Busted on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=sucrose2071;4125263]Hopefully, I will be able to make them correctly this time hahaha! They came out looking very awkward last time XD;[/QUOTE]

The mini-churros you made for me were really good! Are you gonna do those or the full-size ones this time? Either way, you make the best churros, Trina~

#11 Hitomi-chan99 on 9 years ago

Will Be There As Deadly Little Red Ridding Canada. IDK What To Bring But Might Bring Candys Or Cookies!

#12 hetareiggysama on 9 years ago

So, where in LA is this located exactly? I'd like to come, but I'm organizing my own in the city of Bellflower (in LA) if anyones interested :>

#13 Clockwork Alice on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=hetareiggysama;4127266]So, where in LA is this located exactly? I'd like to come, but I'm organizing my own in the city of Bellflower (in LA) if anyones interested :>[/QUOTE]

Van Nuys, which is in the San Fernando Valley, which is in the western part of LA County.

#14 Cheshire Tiger on 9 years ago

May I go? It would be my first time attending hetalia day X3
Country and costume you will be coming as: Halloween Austria
Are you coming via public transportation?: no
What you are bringing for the picnic: not 100% sure on that. Maybe chips and/or potato balls?
Additional Info: Two of my friends would also like to attend I'll tell them to bring something if they could and ask what they would be

#15 Clockwork Alice on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=Cheshire Tiger;4127361]May I go? It would be my first time attending hetalia day X3
Country and costume you will be coming as: Halloween Austria
Are you coming via public transportation?: no
What you are bringing for the picnic: not 100% sure on that. Maybe chips and/or potato balls?
Additional Info: Two of my friends would also like to attend I'll tell them to bring something if they could and ask what they would be[/QUOTE]

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome.

Sure, just let me know who they're coming as so I can add them to the list.

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