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#1 CaitXD on 8 years ago

Hey I was wondering how other cosplayers went about making amy's jacket? I know I'll have to alter the patterns but I can't seem to find a pattern similar! Also would hair extensions look better or a wig? and what materials should I use to make her rapier? haha I know a lot of questions

#2 micro-babe on 8 years ago

[URL=""]Stuff about swords.[/URL] I know you're a new user, but some of these things can easily be found using the search button and a little elbow grease.

Unless you already have red hair and bangs that can be pulled into pigtails and clips with the same exact color hair, I say go for a wig. You posted this in the wig forum but the quality of Arda and Epic Cosplay wigs is really something.

For the jacket, I'm assuming you mean the SCIV design? More use for the search function here. I don't normally link all this to people, but this is a dream costume of mine and having all this in one thread is convenient for future purposes. Also, I really like seeing good Soul Calibur cosplays.


Narrows down the search a bit. Buy some muslin and sew up a jacket, then add all the fixings to make your final pattern.