Ndk Nye 2011-2012

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#1 DreamCrusher on 7 years ago

Hello everyone ^^ I'm starting this forum for people who were at the NDK NYE 2011-2012 in Denver, CO because I did not find it in the calendar :P Anyway this thread is for things such as: if you were there, what you dressed as, trying to find others who were there and overall just the discussion and such of this event (there's very few forums out there about this event). Also posting your character and fun experiences at the event are all welcome ^^

Guess I'll start...
I went as Kyoya with my brother who dressed as Mori (from Ouran Host Club) and we found Honey there :D We all hung out together and it was really cool having someone else from the host club join us ^^ The only thing I wished for were a few more slow dance songs, it seemed like there were few :( Overall it was very fun and I hope everyone is enjoying the new year!

#2 Eurobeat King on 7 years ago

Since this is pertaining to Nan Desu Kan (NDK) and only to those who went to this one-night event, it should go in the Nan Desu Kan section of the forums:


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