Who are you cosplaying as?

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#1 kazumas on 7 years ago

#2 Efecss on 7 years ago

I am going to try and finish Avatar Roku, and maybe try and do Miles Mayhem and his Viper from MASK. I may try and have a couple of other things done, too.

#3 Dany on 7 years ago

My -hope- is that I will be able to break in my Oscar from Rose of Versailles for AOD for a trial run. It's getting closer to being done, which is saying something because I started her around this time last year.

If that doesn't happen, then hard to say. I know that my husband wants to re-wear his Durand (Le Chevalier D'eon), but without his gargoyle makeup. Unless he is feeling particularly crazy XD. That may also give me an excuse to bring out D'Eon as well.

#4 LakuriSyaoran on 7 years ago

Hey, lol i was just thinking this topic needed to be posted <3

we're doing a FFXIII-2 group (Serah, Noel, Lightning) and a pony group (Fluttershy, Applejack, RainbowDash, and Big Mac )

#5 Amethyst Nat on 7 years ago

I'm going as Vocaloid's Rin Kagamine, 'Daughter of Evil' version

I hope to will see other Vocaloid cosplayers!

#6 Michi on 7 years ago

Yuri Sakazaki from KOF, Haruka Amami from THE [email protected] 2. :) That's probably it right now.

#7 DarkFujin on 7 years ago

I'm probably going to be Inspector Cabanela from Ghost Trick. Making the costume (which I've been working on) in time isn't the hard part. The hard part will be getting the wig/shoes/prop Pomeranian in time for AOD!

#8 Michi on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=DarkFujin;4256191]The hard part will be getting the wig/shoes/prop Pomeranian in time for AOD![/QUOTE]

If my Pom wasn't black I'd take her to the con for you. 8D

#9 Efecss on 7 years ago

I may be bringing two ladies from Sac (Not on this site...) Who will be wearing two of my original designs from my webcomic.

#10 alexanderhuang on 7 years ago

If attending, going to Touhou's Hong Meiling and Macross Frontier's Nyan Nyan Alto. If possible, I'll try to squeeze in Haruhi Suzumiya's Ryoko Asakura.

#11 thedollysmama on 7 years ago

Undertaker from kuroshitsuji. All the bits and pieces are finally here...'cept I misplaced my earrings again! And I have to find my doggie bone cookie cuttter, too. I am going to knuckle down and make the dratted top hat, too, which so far has been a nightmare. I am probably going to drag out Mey Rin for one day or the other as well. I am doing two panels and am wondering about appearing for the panel in my cosplay. I guess it should be okay, right? With the undertaker at least I won't have stage fright, with the wig I'll never be able to see anyone!

who will also be bringing along two random Homestuck trolls (Dave and someone else), one APH Greece, a Len (?) vocaloid that will be AMAZING, and someone from Bleach

#12 Eau de Decus on 7 years ago

Not entirely sure what my group will be doing. The convention is completely up in the air due to my new job. Hopefully I can go on one of the days, but we'll have to see.

#13 Efecss on 7 years ago

Kind of off question, but does anyone know when the masquerade will be taking place. I know its Saturday, but it dosen't say what time. Because I am thinking I would like to see the Parade. (My first time down around at this time.)

#14 kazumas on 7 years ago

Everyone is so interesting! I hope I can catch you guys and take pictures. ; v;
I actually might change my schedule and debut as Emil from NieR. I'm seeing if I can finish him in time and add him into AOD.

@Efecss: I think I remember seeing on AOD's website that the Masquerade will be at 7pm on Saturday? Don't quote me for sure, but I believe that's the time. I'll check out their site again and see—because I'm also interested in checking out the Masquerade. c:

#15 Enkai on 7 years ago

I'm *finally* finishing Nouhime (Sengoku Basara) and the hubby is bringing Nobunaga along of course; particularly motivated to finish it this time since the Kabuki will be an awesome location to take pictures of those costumes.

We'll probably bring Madame Red and Grell along; I'm hoping to get Red at 100%, but that's no real guarantee since I want to remake my shirt and vest; need to order new boots too.

Other probable costumes (since we both need ones easier to wear since Nobunaga's kinda a monster) are my Pururin costume (Welcome to the NHK, less likely since the hubby doesn't have one to go with it), or Nami and Shanks (One Piece) or Ceras and Walter (Hellsing).

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