Help with Azure Kite/Tri-Edge?

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#1 SpykeIzLeet on 8 years ago

I'm having some issues trying to determine how exactly I'm going to approach making Azure Kite/Tri-Edge's pants.. Would I be better off starting with a pair of pants from like, a department store, and covering them with all of the details and designs, or would it be better to start out by trying to make pants from scratch, then covering them? I just need some advice of how to start this.

Reference pic:

Sorry if this is a novice question.. this is my first really detailed cosplay and I just need some extra advice. :P

#2 Aisof on 8 years ago

Hi, hopefully this would help. When I did this costume back in 2007 I had this dilemma.

Eventually, I found a pants pattern matched, and then I sewed each separate of color together (eventually sewing the white strips on top of those), but still following the pattern. Then I hand sewed on two-inch white "stitches" all across the pants where each color came together.

so, in your case I would approach this depending on how you feel more comfortable. I felt a little awkward at first too. A little the same way, because it is quite a lot to handle. But ultimately I found that making the pants from scratch was the best choice, the only way to get them just the way I wanted. :P Hope this was helpful.