One Piece Day 0 dinner/photoshoot

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#1 Ahja Reyn on 10 years ago

Not to be confused with the actual [URL=""]OP gathering thread[/URL], the purpose of the dinner is to get to dress up on the afternoon/evening of day 0, eat, take some hilarious pictures, and get to know your fellow OP cosplayers in a laid-back setting before the con starts.

This OP day 0 dinner/photoshoot was started at Otakon by [URL=""]Ichigogami[/URL] and was a ton of fun, so I decided to drag it along to whatever west coast con I happen to be attending.

How this will work is we will meet up at a designated location for anyone who wants to take pictures. It's a good way to get smaller group shots seeing as how the official gatherings tend to be huge. We then head over to a designated restaurant later on to eat. That's usually where the majority of people show up and its a great opportunity to goof off as whomever you're cosplaying as while getting fun crack shots (example of fun crack shots can be found [URL=""]here[/URL]).

Past experiences promise this is a fun idea.

[b]Dinner Time[/b]: 6.30-8.30pm
[b]Dinner Location[/b]: Johnny Rockets
[b]Photoshoot Location[/b]: Convention entrance by the fountains
[b]Photoshoot Time[/b]: 5.30-6.30pm

So...any takers?


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#2 Eliteslayer on 10 years ago

I dunno if I'll be there on Day 0, and if so, when, but assuming that I will be, you can count on me there as Luffy.

#3 Ahja Reyn on 10 years ago

Added :D

Oh! Hopefully within the next few days I'll find some links of AX09's day 0 dinner to post here. I have no idea where mine went, so I'll be hunting down the ones my friends took.

#4 junkeemunky on 10 years ago

I will be there, as well as my gf, Klayr! Not sure if we'll dress up, but I'm definitely excited to hang out with everyone.

#5 Tenshiryuu on 10 years ago

If we get there on Day 0, I'll totally try to make it. I know there's a couple good places around the con center, like Johnny Rocket's. There's also a nice sushi place.

#6 Haku Zoi on 10 years ago

There is a Johnny Rockets. Maybe this will give me time to be Shanks for fanime. Otherwise, if you guys want I can be Sanji of Iceburg~ :3

#7 Ahja Reyn on 10 years ago

lol good ol' Johnny Rockets. If there's room to sit outside in the event that the place is crowded, then I'm all for Johnny Rockets. I'm gonna vote out sushi, though, just because its expensive :S

junkeemunky - you should totally dress up! It makes it so much more fun cuz then you can get impromptu shots :D

Haku Zoi - I'm all for both Shanks and Sanji!

#8 junkeemunky on 10 years ago

True true. I would love to dress up, but it just depends on what time we get to San Jose that day. If anything, I'll try to wear a casual OP outfit.

Haku Zoi - ICEBURG. DO IT.

#9 Haku Zoi on 10 years ago

I think It'll probably be Shanks, cause I can't be him any other day.
I wouldn't want to be Iceburg {young} without my Franky~
I'll be bringing a Vivi-Swannn~
SO I might be Sanji... but count mostly on SHANKS. :3

#10 Ahja Reyn on 10 years ago

so Shanks and Vivi? lol crack pairing alert.

junkeemunky, are you guys driving in or flying?

#11 Haku Zoi on 10 years ago

I would not be "escorting" Vivi if I was Shanks! But my friend is coming along as Vivi, whether I'm Sanji or Shanks.

Some members of my group my cosplay group might also come in One Piece outfits~ Coby, Buggy, Luffy, and probably a Gol D Roger!! HE HAS TO SIT AT THE HEAD OF THE TABLE!! XD

#12 junkeemunky on 10 years ago

Hahaha, if there is a Gol D. Roger, he indeed needs to be at the head of the table. Also, excited to see a Vivi cosplayer!

Ahja Reyn, we're driving but only from a few hours away. It really depends on how much crap we're trying to finish/pack right before, hahaha.

#13 Ahja Reyn on 10 years ago

ooo! I third that idea! Make sure Gol D. Roger makes it! *_*

I wish we had the luxury of driving...we've got a 6am flight out instead e_e hooray for cheap airfare.

#14 junkeemunky on 10 years ago

Hahah, yeah I remember when I used to have to do that. I hope you guys manage to get a bit of rest before the con.

#15 Ahja Reyn on 10 years ago

I definitely plan on it. I don't exactly function in the mornings, nor can I sleep on planes, so once we're checked in I'm claiming a bed or else makin' like Ace in a narcoleptic fit.