Youmacon 2012 - Yu-Gi-Oh! (all series)

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#1 KatyaNoctis on 6 years ago

Hi, guys :)

Our favorite YGO photographer, Katsuya, won't be at Youmacon this year, so I thought I'd start the ball rolling :) I had a blast at last year's shoot, and I'm hoping we have just as successful a shoot this year! So, who plans on coming to Youma as a YGO character? All series welcome, of course!

I will probably be there as Season 1 Seto Kaiba for a day. I'm not sure if I'll bring my Season 0 Kaiba as well, we'll see!

I also have a thread on Youmacon's forums to have our bases covered: [url][/url]

#2 KatyaNoctis on 6 years ago

My first instinct is to have an afternoon shoot on the Riverfront Walk on Saturday, like last year. That group was massive, and it was a perfect place to shoot!

We do run the risk of bad weather, but I'm sure we can move into the Wintergarten, or one of its surrounding areas, if we have to.

#3 sakurakenji on 6 years ago

I wish I could say I was bringing Mai with me or even Akiza wh I debuted this year at acen. BUt for this year i'm dropping my ygo cosplays, I just have so many cosplays this year I just can't possibly bring another one. I still may try to come to the shoot. I've been cosplaying ygo since 08 and it's like my favorite to cosplay from but it's time to cosplay some new things which will be awesome as well. So hopefully i'll make it to the shoot if I can! :)

#4 KatyaNoctis on 6 years ago

Sorry to hear that Sakura, but yeah we'd love to see you :) /delayed response

Well, we have two people coming who aren't registered here; they'll be Bakura and Zorc :D

#5 Lyoko4lyfe on 6 years ago

Where is the Riverfront walk? this is my first year at Youmacon (and my first time in Detroit at all as well since I am from MS) and first time cosplaying as Jaden so I would love to do this shoot!

#6 Rua on 6 years ago

I'll be doing Thief King and my friend will be doing Ishizu!

#7 sakurakenji on 6 years ago

Yeah I wish I was bringing one of my cosplays but i just have sooo many if i change my mind I may bring Akiza, doubt it though. I may try and make the shoot but we'll see.

Also the riverfront is right outside of the big open area with the tables and chairs. bascially if you go to the bottom floor of the ren cen and go towards the water that is the river front

#8 Rua on 6 years ago

So it will be at the same place/time as last year? In front of the hotel at... was it 4?

#9 KatyaNoctis on 6 years ago

I think that's a good idea. On the Riverfront stairs at 4 on Saturday, like last year :)

Apparently I'm too late to add it to the official con schedule :( I'm hoping not, but we'll see.

#10 KatyaNoctis on 6 years ago

Thanks guys for such a great turnout! Here are my photos! [url] 2012 YGO Shoot[/url]