General "What are you Working On" Thread: Steampunk Edition

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#1 Elycium on 6 years ago

Trying to breath life into this forum. And since the general cosplay thread has one of these, why not us? This thread is a place where we can all share what it is we're working on (steampunk wise), and ask for tips, etc. The usual "try to be nice, and if you feel the need to give criticism, then make it constructive" rules apply.

I'll start: This is my current project, a corset that I decided to try out. I'm not usually one for browns, but the fabric was too darn perfect to pass up.

All it needs now is for the grommets to be added so I can lace it up.

#2 Mehdia on 6 years ago

OMG! I have that fabric too! We lined the corset for my brother's girlfriend's Alice corset for the Steamdress. It was on clearance and I totally pounced on it. I was going to make a corset out if it for myself, but let her use some of it to line hers. Yours looks super awesome though!

#3 kimonocrazy on 6 years ago

Well, I'm working on a steampunk composer cosplay. I've got the outfit, but I still need to make the steampunk baton. The outfit consist of a cream colored jacket, white button down shirt, black cravat, black vest, and black pants/shoes.

#4 Mehdia on 6 years ago

Guess I could have posted my most recent piece I made. It's a commission for a [URL=""]steampunk Alice[/URL] from Alice in Wonderland. I just made the underbust corset and suspenders. I can't wait to see her full costume. I bet it's going to be cute. And I guess this could go in steampunk since it's [URL=""]Alice's steamdress[/URL] from Alice Madness Returns. I helped my brother's girlfriend make it, and I think we turned out something very true to the game.

I need to start working on some other stuff. I have a few steampunk designs I want to do, so I need to get to planning. I have a friend that's a big steampunk, so I will probably rope her and another friend into wearing more of my designs soon.

#5 Volnixshin on 6 years ago

So far working on some gloves, leather fingerless ones. Always good for uniforms.

#6 sunseenli on 6 years ago

I'm actually looking for someone who would be willing to make some steampunk pieces for me, does that count? Does anyone on here take commissions?

#7 Mehdia on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=sunseenli;4459678]I'm actually looking for someone who would be willing to make some steampunk pieces for me, does that count? Does anyone on here take commissions?[/QUOTE]

I take commissions and love doing steampunk. So if you want, PM me and we can see if I can do what you are looking for.

#8 sunseenli on 6 years ago

Aaand, sent. Thank you so much!

#9 Mehdia on 6 years ago

No problem!

#10 Skeff on 6 years ago

I'm also in the realm of doing commissions as well. I'm not great with clothing, but I am a metal worker by trade and I am learning leather at the moment. If you have any ideas for metal/wood/leather pieces, shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can do :)

#11 Elycium on 6 years ago

I take the occasional commission myself, though I'm better at women's clothing than men's.

Skeff, do you have a link to any of your work?

#12 prettylush on 6 years ago

I've just finished a pauldron for myself and a bracer for a girlfriend of mine. Having trouble deciding what I want to make next!

#13 Mademoiselle on 6 years ago

I'm just starting to plan out a costume myself. I haven't been into steampunk very long but I always have loved Victorian/Edwardian fashion so it's a natural step. ^.^

#14 EdenAnarchy on 6 years ago

I'm working on a Steampunk version of the Witchblade for DragonCon this year. I will have pictures up in a few days once its finished.

And for the last few years, I've taught Steampunk panels at Anime cons, but I'm teaching at my first Steampunk convention this November! I'm beyond excited :)

#15 Mehdia on 6 years ago

A steampunk Witchblade sounds pretty awesome. I really can't wait to see it!