Otaku-Rehab 2010 CosPlay Gathering

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#1 Nin10do Nick on 8 years ago

#2 iaShakezula on 8 years ago

Hi there guys, I was talking to Robert at the booth at AnimeLA.I know he was selling the 10.00 registration but I didnt get to buy the ticket there.I was too busy.

I know May 22 is still quiet away and Newbury park is abit of a drive for me and I will be busy getting ready for AX.
So till when is the 10.00 registration fee?

#3 Era Shika on 8 years ago

Dude, my school is right by there! Me and my bf are so there! I will be Kurumu Kurono from Rosario+Vampire. How do we pay early registration?

#4 MokubaKaiba on 8 years ago

wow i just found out about this now!! ahaha i'll try and come! im glad theres a gathering so close by i live in T.O. :3

#5 Nekoofdeath on 8 years ago

Ah. This was fun. I will have to get up my pictures on here...after I turn some of them in for a grade in my photo class of course xD
Can't wait for next time.

#6 Super No 1 on 8 years ago

Finally got my photos up from this event. Had to get Anime LA done first.


#7 otaku_drea on 8 years ago

Interesting. I been to mikomicon but i never heard of otakurehab till just now xD
we shall consider. :)
so its two free pre-events, and then the final event in may? We will be getting ready for anime expo, so idk about money xD even tho its only $10 :/

#8 iaShakezula on 8 years ago

Yeah , they had a booth at AnimeLA promoting this event.It looks like the event is pretty much an all day almost.

#9 Nin10do Nick on 8 years ago

Hey everyone, Otaku-Rehab's web host is having a hard time right now D:
So until it gets resolved, the new news is that we have just confirmed our guest DJs for the Otaku-Rehab Dance.

DJ Amaya
Do Not Feed the DJ
DJ TomSpace
DJ Helsing

And if you register online by May 9th, you will be entered into a early registration drawing for a prize pack donated by PMX.

#10 iaShakezula on 8 years ago

you guys dont have a lot of traffic here.

A lot of the cosplayers are going to the South Cal Cosplay Picnic on the 8th.Even Chaz is going to that.Your date is the weekend before Fanime.

Alot of cosplayer going to Fanime will be busy getting ready.

I will be very busy myself, so I dont know if I can support you guys

#11 LonelyOtaku on 8 years ago

ill see if i can get off of work. i REALLY need a day of fun.

#12 Endymia on 8 years ago

I had a card handed to me at the Bak-Anime(my first convention!) and I just about died, I've always wanted to do one of these things! I'm hoping to be able to go! But.. right now its just up in the air!~

#13 xShadow-Lightx on 8 years ago

NICK! when do we register. you know Ginga is going and you know me and clone might be draging along but yea..

#14 GingaDreamer on 8 years ago

I've planned on going for a while, but I completely forgot the registration fee. I could give you twenty when we get there, and bring things like Soda, my mini grill, hamburgers, and various other things you guys might need. ^^'

#15 Toshi_Riku on 8 years ago

Its a week before Fanime so I prob. won't make it =/