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#16 SaltySlippers on 14 years ago

I need temari second costume pictures


#17 KaiJule on 14 years ago

[QUOTE=ZiggyB]I don't know what to take to Comiket. X-D

Well I know I'm taking my Gilgamesh costume for the first day. But I don't know what to take for the second day yet. [/QUOTE]

Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night? I'm going to ADORE you if it's that so XD

I need to find a good shop that sells bracelet seeds to complete my Lacus cosplay

#18 Romann on 14 years ago

[QUOTE=StarDustShadow]I hate it when you sew a nice long seam perfectly the way you want it and then discover the bobbin ran out about 10 years ago. D:[/QUOTE]

UGH, I just hate winding bobbins, period. When it runs out, I usually stop for the day. I guess it's having to load it all over again, which with my machine, is a pain!

#19 ZiggyB on 14 years ago

KaiJule: I'm afraid not, the character's name is actually Novem, the series is called Gilgamesh. Sorry I wasn't more clear. :) Here are some pictures:


#20 KaiJule on 14 years ago

ow that's also very cool!! No prob at all, I also rushed into thinking about Fate XD

#21 kimuhalu on 14 years ago

The other night, so randomly out-of-the-blue, I said, "Thats it!.. Im going to cosplay a J-Rocker." It sounds like it'll be fun to make something unrelated to the anime genre. I just dont know who. Dir en Grey comes to mind. XD But, I wanna wait til way later next year.

#22 mygirlfriday on 14 years ago

I don't want my Paine wig to make me look like a super saiyan!

#23 Kyuriko on 14 years ago

I wish I could go to cons! I'm hoping to go to Anime Nebraskon and Iowa next year and I'm looking forward to do the best I can on my next project. I always get excited when I'm about to go out and shop for fabric, and I feel awkward when I haven't worked on a new cosplay project for a while! I haven't done one since August! I can't wait for Christmas break to get cracking on that costume >D

#24 Amaya De'Morte on 14 years ago

"I HATE BEADS!' -begrudgingly embroderiers(sp, can't spell that) more on-

and.. "Ohh.. shiny.." and... "I can't wait till finals are over so I can get to some -real- costumin' time!"

#25 PrinceMark on 14 years ago

Right now im thinking about how much I am determined to improve.

As a creative person I always want to get better at the things I do so they look nicer, now I have my job and more freedom I am SO determined to really improve the quality of my costumes and how much like the characters I look because I can afford the special things I couldnt before (like quality wigs and special materials).

Also Im fretting over making proper styrene armour for the first time and making it look good! OH and finding a really good Cloud wig for myself as I am rubbish at syling wigs!!

#26 Solaria on 14 years ago

"Man, everything takes so much longer now that I flat-fell and line everything..."

And I second (or third or fourth) about the bobbins. It seems like as soon as I get a good rhythm going, my bobbin runs out.

#27 AmazonMandy on 14 years ago

Currently on my mind...Am i losing it? Where did that survey thread go someone was taking to get information for some college paper they were writing? O.o;;;

#28 Elycium on 14 years ago

[QUOTE=StarDustShadow]I hate it when you sew a nice long seam perfectly the way you want it and then discover the bobbin ran out about 10 years ago. D:[/QUOTE]

argh! I did that friday night trying to finish my Haku jacket! I think I almost killed something.

Currently on my mind... I really need to start working on my Haku mask.

#29 Tenebrae on 14 years ago

I have to finish these pajama pants for my sister for Xmas!
Oh wow...I've lost so much weight that a skirt I was going to wear to work today literally FELL OFF of me. Crud. I'm going to have to remake the bodysuit for my Teneko outfit and learn how to make a corset. Should I even BOTHER starting the corset while I'm still losing weight?? Should I bother starting any of my clothing? Oh, excuses...right now, my excuse is that I'm eating a really delicious spinach stir-fry with loads of garlic so I'm sitting at the computer. And posting instead of eating. I eat too fast anyway...slower eating is better for my weight loss.
By the time I finish sewing anything, it'll be too big for me or too small for my kid.
And MAN, ZiggyB's Gilgamesh costume is the [censored]. Still in awe...


#30 PrettyKittyMulu on 14 years ago

[QUOTE=Koneko_Asami]I hate that so much!

...I hate the fact that no matter what sewing machine I use, the bobbin is fine for the most part, and then starts screwing up when I need it most for bigger parts of the costume. D:. AND THEN WHEN SOMEONE ELSE USES THE MACHINE AFTER ME IT WORKS FIIINNNEE.

I'm also thinking that I really wanna start on some more costumes over break...[/QUOTE]
I ALWAYS HAVE THAT PROBLEM. The sewing machine at my house is out to get me, I swear..

also need to go fabric shopping for Maru and Moro and Yuuko for Christmas costumes tomorrow, need to coordinate with friends for that, and also need to straighten out which costumes (besides Shuichi) are actually being DONE for AnimeNEXT so I can get started on them..and I have an elf hat on that will be used for Maru and it's jingly. :D
There's also no way I'm finishing a jedi costume for my best friend so I think I'll have to give it to her for her birthday, 4 1/2 months sounds much more reasonable than a week.
I also haven't taken any Hermione pictures yet TT_TT

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