Fate/Stay Night @ NDK-2011

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#1 Tenkage-chan on 8 years ago

And the madness begins again! This year, I'm putting together one gathering, and that is going to be *drumroll* Fate/Stay Night! So, calling all Type-Mooners! Please feel free to sign up and join in!
Date:[/B] Saturday
Time: To be decided
Location: To be decided

[CENTER][U]Da List[/U]

Tenkage-chan ~ Saber Lily
ohki_85 ~ Tohsaka Rin
Kagallie ~ Rider

#2 Tenkage-chan on 8 years ago

And we got ourselves a Rider! Come on, folks- you know you wanna join!

#3 Tenkage-chan on 8 years ago

We need some more peoples....

#4 ohki85 on 8 years ago

Hi there. Rin checking in. I was wondering if we could do the gathering for 11:30am or so? I checked the NDK gathering list and saw that I want to go to the Black Butler gathering at 1:00pm. The only thing is I hope that my craftmanship judging is either before or after that.

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