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#1 micro-babe on 8 years ago

I want a head start on a future Amy costume. It's kind of a dream of mine since I started fencing. Of course, I need an accurate weapon! One big problem is that most of the ones I see are too thick for this type of sword. But then you risk breaking it...I've been trying to figure out how to do this and I'm messaging different Amy and Raphael cosplayers about their swords.

Right now, I'm thinking of ordering a blade for plastic fencing ([URL="http://shop.fencing.net/Plastic_Training_Foil_p/nc-pl-foil.htm"]foil[/URL] or [URL="http://shop.fencing.net/Plastic_Training_Epee_p/nc-pl-epee.htm"]epee[/URL]). This is meant for kids. It's basically a dry blade made of plastic. The one I'm looking at is a size 3. A normal adult blade is a size 5 and is longer. According to my research, it's a two inch difference.

Is this a good plan so far or is there a better way to create a truly accurate look? If this is a good plan, should I go with the foil or epee? The foil has a smaller guard so I can customize it, but the epee, aside from being my weapon, has a larger guard that covers the hand, which Amy seems to have. The problem there being that an epee guard is slightly off center to protect part of the arm as well.

Seriously this would be easier if I could bring my own swords...
Anyway, what do you guys think?

#2 gambit86 on 8 years ago

From what I've seen from the images, it looks like a cross between a cup hilt rapier, and a small sword.

I would say use the cup, and handle from a foil, and either wonderflex or sintra for the blade.

#3 micro-babe on 8 years ago

So not use blade? Since the product is just a long piece of plastic, would you suggest just using a seperate grip like [URL="http://www.absolutefencinggear.com/shopping/product_info.php/products_id/388/cPath/50?osCsid=448b8af5f6259486c562df9acc1735cc"]this[/URL]? Absolute also sells [URL="http://www.absolutefencinggear.com/shopping/shop.php/cPath/24_32?osCsid=448b8af5f6259486c562df9acc1735cc"]guards[/URL]. I plan on doing some armoring over the summer and want to order from that site anyway.

Thanks for replying! I'm going to research sintra.

#4 gambit86 on 8 years ago

All the pics of the sword I've seen look like this:


A foil or epee blade would be just too thin to represent that. Now what you could do is keep the metal blade there as a support. By basically putting it in the middle of two layers of wonderflex like a sandwich, you'd get a little more support out of it. But note that the blade in the pic has a hollow square ground blade basically meaning it looks like + at the cross section. So once you make the wonderflex steel sandwhich, then put on either side another template for the blade and you should be alright.

I'll see if I cant quickly draw it out to give you a better idea.

#5 gambit86 on 8 years ago

See if this helps.

#6 micro-babe on 8 years ago

Okay now it makes sense! Haha I'm a big noob when it comes to prop making.

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