League of Legends cosplay?

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#1 Jarmen4u on 7 years ago

So I'm considering a League of Legends cosplay for this year, possibly Twisted Fate. Anyone else planning on dressing up as a fellow champion?

#2 SirFluffykins on 7 years ago

Perhaps jax. if i can make him :/

#3 SirFluffykins on 7 years ago

Im thinking mabey I can cut my globe in half And put like round wood peices of it.

#4 Rue842 on 7 years ago

My friends and I are planning to go as lol champions to San Diego comic-con. So far we have Riot Girl Tristana, Zilean, Caitlyn, and Prom Queen Annie with a possible Tibbers.

Only thing I'm worried about is figuring out Zilean's clock.

#5 KyokoIzumi on 7 years ago

Hey i was wondering if any of you guys will be going to Anime Festival Orlando this year since me and my boyfriend are going as nurse akali and surgeon shen, were not able to make it to Metro this year due to the hotel prices being so much more this year compared to last