Tales Gathering?

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#1 FinalEVA on 11 years ago

Tales of Destiny
OriginalFlavor!Leon - Snowhite_Dalia (FF)

Tales of Destiny 2
Reala - Makoto (FF)

Tales of Symphonia
Decus - Eau de Decus (CC)?
Zelos - Kell-Chan (CC)?
Genis -Kendama Master Friend (CC)?
Wonder Chef - Eau de Decu's Friend(CC)?
Celcius – Kla(CC)?
Undine - Kla's Twin(CC)?
Sheena – Artisticpsyco(CC)
Meanlilkitty: Sheena Fujibiahsi
Tearatone: Llyod Irving

Ino 13(FF/CC)??
Ino 13's BF(FF/CC)??

Tales of the Abyss
Guy Cecil – Futins (CC/FF), Drakochan’s friend (FF)
Mystearica Aura Fende - Maidenwings (FF Ashers)
Luke – Ebins(CC)
Legretta - Cowsrcute (FF)
Sync- Cowsrcute's sister?
Arietta - Cowsrcute's sister?, ScarlettFaythe (FF)
Anise – justkiwi (CC)
cheribum - fun master ion (CC).
Jade – Drakochan (FF)
Aslan Frings – Drakochan’s Friend (FF)

Tales of Vesperia
Yuri Lowel – Ester-chan’s friend?(FF)
Raven – Ayime(CC), My friend
Estelle – Ester-chan’s friend (FF)
Rita – Kerohime(CC). Ester-chan (FF)
Repede – My Friend
The Duke – Final Evangelion(CC/FF)
Judith – Ester-chan’s friend

Tales of Graces
Asbel Lhant - xxUnyuuxx (FF)

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

DATE: Friday, May 28th, 2010
TIME: 1:30 PM
LOCATION: Front of Convention Entrance by Fountains

#2 Sheik Chan on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=FinalEvangelion;3083832]For all you tales fans out there, I think it's time to get this set up.

I didn't find any threads on this yet. If there are, go ahead and close it and redirect me to the proper place.

I will be going as Raven from Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia
Raven - FinalEvangelion[/QUOTE]

I -MIGHT- bring my Tales of Destiny (Gotta represent Destiny >:O!!!!!) Chelsea Tone cosplay ...but I'm not sure. It all depends on how many costumes I decide to take. >.

#3 FinalEVA on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=StrawberiiSheik;3083904]I -MIGHT- bring my Tales of Destiny (Gotta represent Destiny >:O!!!!!) Chelsea Tone cosplay ...but I'm not sure. It all depends on how many costumes I decide to take. >.<[/QUOTE]

I will put you down as question mark status for now, unless you confirm it.

#4 FinalEVA on 11 years ago

Double Post - please delete. THX.

#5 Rozuki on 10 years ago

[COLOR=Magenta][Size=1]Hooray! A Tales gathering! :3

So, a group of friends and I are coming as Tales characters this year!

I'll be cosplaying Estelle from Vesperia... Our group also includes a Raven, Tear, Luke, and Guy from Abyss.

Hopefully they'll be posting on here shortly!

~ <3

#6 Futins on 10 years ago


I'm the one cosplaying Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss) mentioned above by Rozuki. I'm definitely looking forward to this gathering. I hope we get a lot of people to join us! :D

#7 Maidenwings on 10 years ago

[CENTER]Hello! ^0^

EDIT: Small change of plans. ^^;; After some long deliberation, I'll actually be attending as Mystearica Aura Fende, from Tales of the Abyss. She was my original cosplay that I was planning for a while ago, and I decided that I adore her too much to pass by. >;;

But, I do hope we get more people soon! We need more Tales love!

#8 FinalEVA on 10 years ago

Nice to see some ToV support. I'll update this list. My friend should be going as Yuri, hopefully.

#9 Ebins on 10 years ago

Hey, a little change, I'll be going as Luke fon Fabre. I'm pretty excited, and hopefully we'll see more people join in.

#10 Ayime on 10 years ago

hello, I'm also with Rozuki. I'll be going as Raven. Hurray for the old man!

#11 Kerohime on 10 years ago

I'll be going as Rita from Tales of Vesperia.

#12 FinalEVA on 10 years ago

Everyone added!!!

#13 FinalEVA on 10 years ago

Sorry to double post, but what time would be best for all of you all?

#14 Futins on 10 years ago

Hmm, anytime would be fine for me as long as it isn't super late at night ( if thats even possible) ^__^;
The Rozuki group is going to be at the con for all three days, so whatever works best for you I suppose.

#15 Rozuki on 10 years ago

Yup yup. What Futins said~! :3

By the way, should we make a forum on the official Fanime forums, too? Might find some more people to join us on there. ^^;;

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