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#1 Michi on 11 years ago

The purpose of the critique forum is for cosplayers to get advice on their costumes from their fellow hobbyists. Think the jacket you made is too short but don't know if it affects the overall look? Not sure if you made your costume form-fitting enough? Want to know if others agree with your color choices? Get tips from your fellow cosplayers here!

[u]For Those Posting[/u]
- Please provide photos of your costume as well as a reference picture. If you want people to judge on accuracy, they need something to go by.
- Understand that this forum is for critique. Critique refers to critical comments about a piece of work. This means you need to be able to handle people picking apart your costume, because they will. Don't come in here fishing for compliments or to show off your work; if you want that, stick to the [URL=""]Photo Galleries[/URL].
- It may be a good idea to state what sort of tips you are looking for. If you already know certain flaws or have something you're going to fix later, state it. This'll save you from claiming "Oh, I knew that!" when somebody points out a mistake you didn't really make. ;)
- Keeping these in mind, it's probably best to only ask for advice on costumes you are serious about. Posts asking simply "How do I look as this character? Do I pull it off well?" will not be tolerated, as this forum is mostly for workmanship discussion.
- That said, please do not post photos of you in a bought/commissioned/borrowed costume because no one can give you real tips on something you didn't make, unless you are intending to alter it yourself.

[u]For Those Commenting[/u]
- Save the one-liner "That is so perfect!" "You look great!" "I love it!" comments for, you guessed it, the [URL=""]Photo Galleries[/URL]. Please only post in the threads here if you can truly advise the cosplayer on what they can improve on or what they did well. If you want to tell them how mind-blowingly flawless it is, you can comment on their uploaded photos instead.
- It is quite possible to be critical without being rude. Please keep this in mind. Criticizing another does not warrant hidden attacks. You can give advice on betterment and be kind about it.
- If you're going to point out something you think could be changed, it's best to offer your ideas on how you think it can be achieved. Just saying "the top is too small" is not helpful. Explain reasons why!
- It's perfectly fine to say what you do like about the outfit; compliments are okay too! Just try to be critical about it. You can point out the merits in a thoughtful manner. "I like the way you styled the wig, because it really matches the design and doesn't look fake. The fabric choice was very nice because I can see the character wearing it, and it compliments the boots!" etc. are much preferred to "Omg you are the best version of this character ever!!" posts.

Thank you for reading this little guide, and do enjoy the Costume Critique forum. :)

#2 Yuna on 11 years ago

I would also like to add that this is NOT that place to debate what should and should not be defined as "appropriate" by anyone's standards. This is a costume critique forum - for critiquing someone's work, not their state of mind, or starting a heated debate on what you consider appropriate. That is not the purpose of this forum.

If there is something you feel that you just must say to a member posting their work here for contructional advice that is anything but a critique and/or constructional advice, take it to PMs, email, or some other form of private communication.