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#1 Nemuren on 7 years ago


This gathering is open to all characters from Nintendo-created franchises and guests who have appeared (or will appear) in the [i]Smash Bros.[/i] series.

With a new [i]Smash Bros.[/i] on the horizon, what other new challengers await?

Day: Friday
Time: 3 PM
Location: G2 (Tiered Platform - 1st floor lobby by East stairs)
[b]Fanime forum thread:[/b] [url],18686.0.html[/url]

[b]ATTENDING: (list updated 5/12)[/b]

Bowser - theophenes
Champion Iris - TunaTetrazzini
Daisy - AJ_627
Link (Melee) - TwilightLarryV1
Little Mac - CountMetal
Malon - Black_The_White
Master Hand - OniCourseMusha
Sonic - ToniTheMink
WiiFit Trainer - Cosplay_Rose, pitin, Yukimura.Chizuru

#2 Nemuren on 7 years ago

Sadly, no Nintendo/[i]Smash Bros.[/i] gathering was held at Fanime 2013, so I wanted to correct that unfortunate oversight for Fanime 2014. Perhaps the reveal of new [i]Smash Bros.[/i] games for Wii U and 3DS will goose interest. But as the first post says, this gathering is for all Nintendo characters, so don't be shy if your character doesn't appear in [i]Smash Bros.[/i] But bring [i]Smash Bros.[/i] props if you got 'em! I'll be sure to bring my trusty Star Rod.

I'm planning to hold the gathering on Day 2 sometime, so we can get as many people as possible without competing with hotel check-in/con registration. But Day 1 worked well in previous years and if that works best for most, I'll certainly reconsider. Day 3 is when I'm planning on holding the [i]Legend of Zelda[/i] gathering, and I'd like to keep Nintendo/[i]Smash Bros.[/i] on a separate day so it can serve as a "second" gathering option for the [i]Zelda[/i] people who might not be able to make the official one.

Not sure about the location, but I'm thinking somewhere with steps/levels would be cool so we can maybe simulate some shots in the multi-tier vein of [i]Smash Bros.[/i] levels. I'd love to maybe use the big planter outside the Marriott, but I don't think we can use that for gatherings, so somewhere inside the convention center lobby is more likely.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions about anything, I'd love to hear 'em.

#3 Nemuren on 6 years ago

July bump.

#4 CountMetal on 6 years ago

I am thinking about bringing back Little Mac(Trophy Assist) from retirement if I have the time and patience to make the new shorts since the ones I used back in Fanime 2011 don't fit me anymore.

#5 Nemuren on 6 years ago

Post-Labor Day bump.

#6 TunaTetrazzini on 6 years ago

I'll only be able to go to Fanime or AX this year, but if I end up coming to Fanime you can count me in for Champion Iris.

#7 Nemuren on 6 years ago


#8 Nemuren on 6 years ago


#9 Nemuren on 6 years ago


#10 Nemuren on 6 years ago


#11 CountMetal on 6 years ago

Since Little Mac is an official character in Smash, I will definitely unretire him.

#12 Nemuren on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=CountMetal;4827746]Since Little Mac is an official character in Smash, I will definitely unretire him.[/QUOTE]


#13 OniCourseMusha on 6 years ago

I do have Master/Crazy Hand cosplay. But it's a maybe for me since I'm staffing at the gameroom. Keep me updated and I'll see if there's room for me in my schedule.

#14 Toni the Mink on 6 years ago

Shall be bringing Sonic with me! :D Albeit girl, human Sonic.... but Sonic nonetheless :D

#15 Nemuren on 6 years ago

Hey all, con's getting close now and I hope all your costumes are in good shape. Unfortunately, things are very busy for me right now and I don't think I can give this gathering the attention that it needs. I hope someone can come forward to run it in my place. I can still maintain this thread and help submit the gathering to the Fanime Cosplay Gatherings department if desired. Thanks!