Metrocon 2013: Photos/Videos/Con Reports Thread

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#1 schmemy on 6 years ago

Just as it says! I'll update mine with a link for Sunday once Sunday happens, haha.

[URL="[email protected]/sets/72157634816534764/"]FRIDAY[/URL]

#2 toughtink on 6 years ago

i was only there for saturday and didn't take too many photos, but what i have is posted [URL=""]>>here!<<[/URL]

#3 Lamork on 6 years ago

A couple hall shots plus the League Photoshoot and Dangan Ronpa photoshoot. That's all i got on my [URL=""]little camera[/URL].

#4 Sufida on 6 years ago

Previews so far..

Flickr: [url][email protected]/sets/72157634854185698/[/url]
FaceBook: [url][/url]

#5 FullMetal Ninja on 6 years ago

[url][/url] Here's mine!

#6 OswaldnOrtensia on 6 years ago

All the pictures we took can be found [URL=""]here[/URL]. I tagged everything with the character name plus the word cosplay and the series name plus the word cosplay. Feel free to message to let me credit you!

- Ortensia

#7 strifear on 6 years ago

Took a batch of photos of Metrocon 2013 as Papanotzzi. Uploads will continue all week long.




#8 RainbowSerenity on 6 years ago

Here are mine! Feel free to tag if you see yourself C:

#9 Taisa_Azudragon on 6 years ago

Smaaall batch of halls shots I got this year.

Can also be found here on FB where you can tag yourself.

#10 yosuke on 6 years ago

Whole weekend, [URL=""]facebook gallery[/URL], feel free to tag.

Flickr: [URL=""]Friday[/URL], [URL=""]Saturday[/URL], [URL=""]Sunday[/URL].