Sailor Moon cosplay guest posts wanted

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#1 fancydressqueen on 6 years ago

Hi all,

I run a fancy dress and cosplay blog via my UK fancy dress retail website. We've just started to stock some basic Sailor Moon costumes and I'd love to add some well informed content to my blog relating to Sailor Moon cosplay and cosplayers.

I'm ideally looking for anything related to the subject (could be a tutorial, your experience cosplaying as one of the characters, why you love it, etc) and I will offer full credit to you along with a link to your profile to give you some exposure.

The article/post should be:
- Minimum 600 words
- Unique and written by you
- Include pictures if you have any (optional)

I will proof read all submissions and make spelling/grammar corrections before publishing.

Please make me aware of your interest via this post or PM me. I will not advertise the blog here as I'm not sure if I'm allowed to, but message me and I'll send over the link.

Many thanks in advance.

I'm also looking for other cosplay guest posts, so if you'd like to write about any cosplay and have it published for people to read please do get in touch.