NDK 2011: Sailor Moon Group

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#1 Jigouku Chou on 8 years ago

Hello NDK-goers.

I have been setting a a sailor moon group for NDK 2011 and I wanted to know if there are any takers?

So far we have Sailor Uranus, Sailor Chibimoon, Eternal Sailor Jupiter, Prince Endymion, and possibly Ail and Ann.

Everyone is invited to join. Everyone, and when NDK gets closer we can figure out dates, photoshoot, etc.

#2 DrAoina on 8 years ago

Oh my gosh I've always wanted to do a Sailor Moon cosplay. Sailor Venus or Moon comes to mind. Either in particular your group would be wanting? B)

#3 NaughtsApproach on 8 years ago

I will bring my eternal sailor moon. my sister will then bring eternal chibi moon.

although..sailor moon has gotten a good number of tattoos as of late..i dont know if anyone will be unhappy with me for "disgracing" a sailor moon character with something like permanent body art.:spinner:

( this post is actually Creative Genius' post)

#4 Jigouku Chou on 8 years ago

No need to worry about "disgracing" XD

To me it's all about having fun with an anime you like. And ts awesome to have so many people interested!

#5 Creative Genius on 8 years ago

It's not so much that I even care about what people say about it...I think my tattoos are sexy....but..you know there will be someone who say..."well you could have at least covered them up!'

I'd rather just be a punk rock type sailor moon ;D

#6 reicherunee on 8 years ago

Hey, my friends and I had a Sailor Moon group last year and we might consider doing it again next year. Would you mind us getting together for a shoot with you guys during NDK 11?

#7 Jigouku Chou on 8 years ago


Besides I want a clone really bad. You have no idea how bad I want a clone.

And punk rock sailor moon WILL MAKE MY LIFE.

#8 Chibi Saturn on 8 years ago

My cosplay group goes to NDK every year, and we do at least one day in our fukus. If all goes well, we should have the full compliment of planets - that is, no moons, just the other eight. We look forward to seeing you there! And to the person worried about tattoos, several of us are pierced and tattooed, Neptune very visibly on the arm. We certainly won't hold it against you!

#9 Ace_of_Tarot on 8 years ago

Hm. Well, me and my cosplay 'group' are planning on doing sailor moon characters one day. I'll be doing Kunzite/Malachite, one of my friends will be doing Zoisite, and my other one is doing... princess Serenity, I think.

If you don't mind me and my Zoisite being slightly Shounen-Ai(or... Shoujo-Ai, we're both female) I'd be happy to talk them into doing those costumes on the same day as all of you. I'm kind of new to this whole thing... -___-

#10 Jigouku Chou on 8 years ago

Everyone is welcome, and everything is welcome. When the event gets closer we'll set a day.

#11 sanriah on 8 years ago

im doing Princess Serenity (manga version with the white hair) and my friend who is female might be doing a female (as in mini skirt wearing) Tuxedo Mask

#12 Jigouku Chou on 8 years ago

Okay what day should we do this on?

#13 Alleria on 8 years ago

There's a possiblity I might be pulling my Neo Queen Serenity out again this year, pending the time to re add the extentions. If I do, we'll have a King Endymion with (Ala Fiance').
As for a day, any day works. Though not Saturday Afternoon if possible, please.

#14 sanriah on 7 years ago

any day works for me, i should be there all weekened, ill be getting there late friday tho, prolly not before 6pm

#15 Pudding-chan on 7 years ago

I'll be going as classic Sailor Moon :)

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