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#1 QueenToast on 8 years ago

I'm doing Weight Watchers w/out enrolling in the program.The two things I am missing out on are the weekly weigh ins and meetings. I thought that we (as in us cosplayers) could use a thread to use as our weigh in. Once a week (day of your choice) write in your weight and how much you lost/gained. I've been told that the weigh in was an important part of the program because it held you accountable for your habits the previous week.

So I'll start:

Current weight: 145 lbs. Down 3 lbs. (weight taken on Monday)
Start weight: 150 lbs.
Goal weight: 135 lbs.

#2 KamenRiderAgito on 8 years ago

I would not disclose this kind of info I weren't so comfortable here. Luckily, I am, and this seems like a really good idea.

Current weight: 228.5 Down 8.5 lbs.
Start weight: 237 lbs
Goal weight: 150 lbs

#3 Mariks_Dragon on 8 years ago

I think that this is a really good idea.
Current Weight: 171
start weight: 171
goal weight: 130

#4 kiratsukai on 8 years ago

Current Weight: 55 kilos (121 lbs, BMI 20.8)
Start weight: 62 kilos (136.4 lbs, BMI 23.4)
Goal weight: 52 kilos (114.4 lbs, BMI 19.6)

And yes, damn it, it's healthy. Anything between a BMI of 18.5 and 24.9 is in the "normal" range.

#5 ~LOU~ on 8 years ago

Sounds good.
I need to get back on the wagon with weight loss
( I lost over 40lbs with weight watchers a few years ago! )

Current Weight: 250
start weight: 250
goal weight: 150

#6 shortsheik on 8 years ago

I have just recently achieved my desired weight goal. I pass along my best wishes to all of you!

Next mission is about a bajillion sit ups to deal with the belly pouch.

#7 Frostmourne on 8 years ago

Hmm, I guess I'll post.

Current Weight : 194
Start Weight : ~240
Goal Weight : 150
Body fat % lost : Started @ 43% --- 34% as of today. Goal = ~15-20%
I prefer to pay attention to my body fat %/how clothes fit me as opposed to weight. Weight is important but too many variables are presented. I still weigh in once a week but I don't get upset anymore if it hasn't gone down much.

#8 dustbunny on 8 years ago

Current Weight : 150
Start Weight : 200
Goal Weight : 130

i work out twice a day and eat healthy---i am happy with my body atm but i want more muscle and to be tone

#9 tehcate on 8 years ago

Current Weight: 153
Start Weight: 190
Goal Weight: 140

Need to bump up the cardio again I think. Body's getting complacent.

#10 QueenToast on 8 years ago

Good job everybody! Thanks for participating. :)

#11 Megantron on 8 years ago

as of 11-05: 126lbs

previous weight: 130lbs

goal: 120lbs

thigh -1in
hip -1in
waist -2.5in
bust -1in

body fat lost: 3.69%

#12 azucherry17 on 8 years ago

Current Weight: 120
Start Weight: 135
Goal Weight: 118 ^^

YAAAAAY I'm finally 5'4, and thin :3
cosplayers, watch out

#13 Momomizu on 8 years ago

Current Weight: about 115
Start weight: 120
Goal weight: 105
I'm 5' .5". I weighed about 110 in April of last year...I gained 10 pounds in 1 month cuz I was going to go to BCT and didnt want to miss the junk food so I ate and ate. Horrible, I know. So far things are going good and I hope to be 110 by March.

#14 Lucida on 8 years ago

Start: 209 (As of 10-26-10)
Current: 206.6 (As of 11-9-10)
Goal: 180

Im 6'0 tall but my BMI indicated me that I'm over weight and I have a cosplay coming up and I want to look a little slimmer. Although I may not reach to my goal by then, but I at least I'm losing weight. So far I'm eating less portions, drink more water, and exercise for 45 mins

#15 Lento* on 8 years ago

Start: 223
Current:... I have no idea XD I don't have a scale so I can only find out when I go to Winn-Dixie, but my pants are much looser since I started so I know I've lost something... xD
Goal: 140

5'8, 18yo, and over 200 lbs is just not acceptable >.<
Boo for being poor and having to eat garbage food for years :sulk:

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