The empty child(Gas mask nurse/cyberman/scarecrow/Silence)

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#1 Camilleathome on 7 years ago

Please help me pick!

Hal-con is seven months away and it is time to start working and planning on my next cosplay. I did Ciel last year but this year I want to go doctor who! PLUS hal-con is getting their first doctor who guest and its Nicholas Briggs!!(WOOOH Voice of Daleks, cybermen and Judoon!!)

My options im looking at are as follows

Easy option:
Gas mask nurse from the empty child(I could pin curl my hair up, try to find the proper gas mask or settle with a common Israeli one that almost looks like it) and make the dress probably out of linen im assuming

Insane one(But one id REALLY want to do)
Cyberman. I saw someone to replica make the whole armor out of foam and Id LOVE to do the same. I COULD buy the face part online and do the rest as well. If i did that the face part woud have the voice synth and the mouth would light up.

Two other options:

Scarecrow from family of blood


Those two I would have NO idea how to make but I love crafts and a challenge if I can find good instructions.