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#1 crazywuzhere on 7 years ago

#2 crazywuzhere on 7 years ago

Next is the male fall uniforms!

Reference picture:

Shirt: Remember that the Horitsuba emblem is on the pocket! I can only imagine that this would be the same for the female uniforms, but I’m not quite sure, so it is all up to you as the cosplayer! The tie is black.
Here are some patterns:
Once again, if you don’t want to make it, or you can’t buy it, then dye it!

Jacket: These jackets are double-breasted, and remember, it is left over right! Finding a men’s pattern for this was really difficult, but I was able to find something really similar, and I’m sure with help you’ll be able to modify it. If you’re one of those people who can pull out pattern drafts from their brains, then I’m really jealous, because that kind of skill would come in handy in a situation like this. Here are the two patterns:
Here is a picture of what the back looks like:

If you happen to find maroon colored men’s pants, then by all means let me know so I can put it here!

Shoes: Once again, just brown loafers:

#3 crazywuzhere on 7 years ago

Onward to the female summer uniforms!!!

Reference picture:

Blouse: This blouse…ugh. I don’t even know where to begin. The blouse if form fitting, with six buttons on the front. At first, I assumed that it would button up just like the double breasted jackets, however, there are no seams in the front, which makes me think that they’re like polo shirts. But then that would mean that there would be a zipper in the back or a special button…Umm…moving on. My suggestion would be to get two white t-shirts. Take the sleeves off of one. Take the other t-shirt and cut out a puff sleeve, put interfacing to the sleeves and attach it to the now sleeveless shirt. Add a detachable peter pan collar ([url]http://runwaydiy.com/2011/02/13/diy-peter-pan-collar/)[/url], a mustard-colored ribbon, and you’re on your way!

Here are some examples of a sleeve puff:

Take note that the Horitsuba emblem is on the both sleeve cuffs! Ref pic: [url]http://pinterest.com/pin/100627372894026109/[/url]

Skirt: It is the exact same as the fall skirts, except it’s blue.

Socks and Shoes: Same as the fall uniform.

#4 crazywuzhere on 7 years ago

And then on to the male summer uniforms!

#5 crazywuzhere on 7 years ago

Lastly, a tutorial on embroidering your very own Horitsuba patch!

Crazy’s last bit of advice: Whatever character you decide to cosplay in the Horitsuba uniforms, keep in mind to accent that character into the uniform if possible. For example, Tomoyo-chan would always be carrying around a camera. Kobato is notorious for her hats and headbands, so she might be wearing a headband to go along with her uniform. Miyuki-chan is always running around with bread in her mouth, and Nokoru would probably be holding a fan. Hinata might be holding a bear, or have a bear keychain on her bag. Even Kamui might have two patches on his backpack-an angel wing and a dragon wing. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!! XD And that’s all. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post or PM me!

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