Diablo Iii - Who's Ready?!

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#1 Mykaios on 7 years ago

[B](I was so excited typing I didn't even capitalize the rest of the I's in the numeral -_- )

What, no thread on this yet?

I am, midnight release here we come (in 8 hours...plus waiting for the servers to go up D: )! And, I am hoping my computer can handle it lol. I also don't think that I or any of my friend will be quite alive at work tomorrow but YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I hope it doesn't disappoint![/B]

#2 Mesoian on 7 years ago

did you play the diablo 3 beta? do this stuff before you install the final version tonight (or whenever) [url]http://www.giantbomb.com/diablo-iii/61-20803/played-the-beta-make-sure-you/35-546507/#15[/url]

#3 Mykaios on 7 years ago

I did not play the beta but thanks for the info, I'll pass it along!

#4 Arc_The_Lad on 7 years ago


#5 Syrinx on 7 years ago

I'm a demon hunter :D so far having fun... but i made the mistake of logging out a couple hours ago... now i can't get back in haha oh well... maintenance should be over in about an hour or so

#6 Arc_The_Lad on 7 years ago

Actually I ended up playing a demon hunter, my one buddy was barb so I figured I'd change it up.

I'm all about the evasion, area damage, and single target stuns.

#7 Michi on 7 years ago

I ordered through the company store so I'm still waiting for mine... But the beta was very fun and I am excited! It's terrible timing for Fanime, though.

I'mma be a sorceress!

#8 Arc_The_Lad on 7 years ago

ummm *snort* actually, it's a wizard. nyurg

On act 3 of nightmare, it definitely gets much harder, packs of elites can just destroy us in seconds if we are stupid.

#9 Kildread on 7 years ago

I'm a Monk.

I stopped playing about halfway through Chapter 2. It's pretty cool, but I hardly see myself playing it for a long time once I'm done with the main campaign. It's just like D2 except doesn't let you make a crappy character build (From what I noticed come level 20). The story delivery is Blizzard-level quality, as expected.


Wonder if everyone forgot the launch-days server issues.

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