SNKplaymore remove characters in the latest KOF-i update

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#1 loki555 on 7 years ago

[url][/url] Seriously SNKplaymore, not a really smart move to take away characters that where added in the previous update last summer.

#2 Mesoian on 7 years ago

Yeah...well...iPhone games.

It's no excuse and its a terrible business practice, but I'm positive anything iPhone related is absolutely last on any business triage list that SNKPlaymore has right now, especially with all the problems KOF13 online is having at the moment.

#3 Michi on 7 years ago

Sounds like it was a bug and they fixed it? I saw it updating, but I honestly haven't played it since I bought it (on sale) a few months back. It's fun, but I can't take gaming on my iPhone seriously unless it's a casual game like Bejeweled.