Who are you planning on cosplaying?

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#1 ReiliaCosplays on 6 years ago

Hey, what's up? This will be my first time at OhayoCon! I'm thinking of cosplaying Romano from Hetalia! Who are you guys cosplaying as?

#2 Oniigiri_Basket on 6 years ago

I'll be cosplaying Yuki Nagato, Kyoko Sakura, and maybe Makoto Sawatari. :D

#3 anime_grl on 6 years ago

this will be my first Ohayocon too! i'll be going as Alice from Alice: Madness Returns and a Spitter from L4D2! i'm so excited! hope to see you all there! :wave:

#4 JGZinv on 6 years ago

Yosho from Tenchi Muyo

Just made an announcement thread on our panel we're hosting there.

#5 bodatheyoda on 6 years ago

someone else already made a topic for this...

But I'll be doing Resident Evil 1 and 5 Chris Redfield... possibly a bioshock splicer...a genderbent Harley Quinn...and a special zombie related costume that is too fun to mention (if I get out and find what I need for it...)

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