The Flower Card Wig

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#1 no-more-thread on 6 years ago


I want to cosplay the flower card from CCS but her hair looks complicated and I am very new with wig styling and not very comfortable with it. So far I am thinking I could use a long and already parted wig (like the Leia from Arda wigs [url][/url] ). I could shape foam points in the general size of her buns/what-ever-they-are and attach them to a metal band to make a sort of head band with them sticking off at the sides. then I could sew the metal band to the wig and cover any of it showing by bringing the bangs back over it. With the long hair already separated into two I could then wind it around the foam while glueing it down at the same time. I'm trying to avoid stubbing the wig. I'm not sure if I can pull stubbing off yet. Any suggestions or advice would be super helpful.


references of the flower card:

#2 ichigo_m. on 6 years ago

I think that's a very good idea. (:
You could also try Drill curls if you wanted the curl to be hollow. [[url]][/url]