What Are You Cosplaying?

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#1 ShortStuff on 5 years ago

I didn't see a thread, so I figured I post a general 'what are you cosplaying to Anime North thread'. So what are everyone's plans?

#2 LuluHime on 5 years ago

Friday: The Disciple from Homestuck
Saturday: Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon
Sunday: Mary from IB

#3 MutantCanuck on 5 years ago

Friday: Tris Prior from Divergent
Saturday: Lion Ushiromiya from Umineko
Sunday: oc!Israel from Hetalia

#4 MDA on 5 years ago

Friday: Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji
Saturday: Ultimecia from Final Fantasy VIII
Sunday: Battle Damaged Kuja from Final Fantasy IX

#5 TMLiza on 5 years ago

Friday: Heroine from Fate/Extra(with my friend as Red Saber)
Saturday: Marie from Persona 4: The Golden(With either Yukiko or Konohana Sakuya Version Yukiko)
Sunday: Gumi-Camelia Version(and my friend is going to be Camellia Luka)

#6 SuperBee on 5 years ago

Nothing is set in stone yet except the ones with *.

*wedding dress yuna
Hex - skylanders
Lilly - scribblenauts unlimited

My brother:
Maxwell - scribblenauts unlimited
Skyrim Warrior

#7 sweet_kat22 on 5 years ago

My costumes always change until 2-3 months before the convention. Im unsure if I will finish Belle's gold dress so its a toss between that and the blue dress my boyfriend really wanted beauty and the beast so he won.
Here is what I have so far:

Friday: Belle and Prince
Saturday: Belle and Prince, Princess Jasmine
Sunday: some pony

#8 Nightwitch-Kat on 5 years ago

Rogue in her X-Men Legacy uniform and an undecided second cosplay (maybe Ms.Pauling)

#9 Grimmjow99 on 5 years ago

i'll be cosplaying edward elric, maybe captian, and erza scarlet's heaven's wheel armour

#10 Zoeyromanov on 5 years ago

You'll be seeing me as Russia (a very short Russia XD), Hungary, and England.

#11 harudae on 5 years ago

Friday: Midorima Shintaro - Kuroko no Basuke
Saturday: Still deciding.. I'm between Labrys from Persona 4 Arena or some sort of League cosplay.
Sunday: Female Protagonist - Pokemon X&Y
And because I always enjoy the OP Shoot: Tony Tony Chopper (Timeskip)

For my boyfriend:
Friday: Aomine Daiki - Kuroko no Basuke
Saturday: Skarner - League of Legends
Sunday: Kirito - Sword Art Online

#12 Random-EX on 5 years ago

Friday & Saturday: Adorabeezle Winterpop from Wreck-It Ralph

#13 AmuletCross on 5 years ago

Friday - most likely Homura Akemi, unless there's a Magica Madoka photoshoot on saturday ^.^
Saturday - ehe can't decide between Homura or Mio or Shana~

#14 Rizu-Zeto on 5 years ago

I'm not entirely sure when the photoshoots for each series will be yet but for now the plan is:
Friday: 7 year later Kinana from Fairy Tail
Saturday: Madam Shyarly from One Piece
Sunday: Alice from Alice in the Country of Hearts/Clover/Diamond (Kuni No Alice)

#15 Kisshu-Cutie on 5 years ago

I'm not to sure for most days...but I know Friday I'll being Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji and the other two days will be ether Allen walker from D.Gray-man or Choas Lucemon(child mode}/Lucebeelzebumon...