Pink Contacts (Help Please)

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#1 monster_tree on 5 years ago

Hello! Im looking for pink contacts for my Morgiana cosplay
I have fairly dark eyes almost black so I'm looking for something that will show.

#2 PSY-chan on 5 years ago

Check the "contacts for dark eyes" thread for pictures. Some one may have posted a contact that will work for you.

#3 monster_tree on 5 years ago

I have but they dont have pink ones which is why i made the post

#4 JuicyContacts on 5 years ago

We have some pink contacts that would work for Morgiana. You can check our site (if it's ok to talk about it here).

Also if you don't like any of the ones we have right now for a Morgiana cosplay, I have another idea for pink colored contacts that I could get for you if you're interested.

#5 AmberRosie on 5 years ago

you could try here.. I have never seen the character you are looking for, but This site has many colors and i have heard some great things about them..

#6 KawaiiBerry on 5 years ago
they have lots of different contacts, I recomend them! Good luck!:spinner:

#7 Ion on 5 years ago

[quote=monster_tree;4593616]I have but they dont have pink ones which is why i made the post[/quote]

The OP in that thread has not updated that in ages so you cannot go by that. You have to go in and do a physical thread search. To do that, click on the thread, go up to the search tab, and using the word "pink" minus the quotes brings up all the posts and pics of pink lenses. I personally posted 2 reviews but several other users have some really good lenses they reviewed as well.

#8 monster_tree on 5 years ago

Thanks everyone for the help!

@Ion i actually ordered the pink manson lenses you posted thanks for the help!

#9 xNini on 5 years ago


I know I'm late but.. for future reference... you can shop by color~ ^_^