Easy Cosplay/Lolita Ideas Please

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#1 Lolita_Kitsune on 6 years ago

I'm going to Ohayocon in like a week and I didn't notice until 2 weeks before con that is was a week earlier than the other years I have gone. The wigs for 3 of my cosplays are in my dorm and I am not.

I was hoping to find some easy/throw together outfits I could wear for the convention. Either anime or lolita. I do a raver fox/cat every year.

My normal cosplays are school girl Poland/Felixs from Axis Powers Hetalia, Rose or Roxy from Homestuck. I have the items for the homestuck cosplay, bit not the wig. I do however have a blue-ish wig and a short pink wig.

#2 peacelovepandas on 6 years ago

Depending on the color and length of the blue wig, you could use it to throw together a gothic lolita. There are always different dresses and stuff in the stores that can do for a Gothic lolita with a few alterations. Or, get a pair of glasses and you could just do a school girl thing. Thrift stores are amazing for last minute cosplays :)

#3 LluviaSarcasm on 6 years ago

You could throw together trickster mode Roxy or Jane maybe.^^