Offering Cheap Wig Commissions! Limited Time!

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#1 tehkukikookie on 6 years ago

Hey, I'm offering commissioned wigs for even LESS than I normally charge so I can pay off some bills as soon as possible. I use Arda as my primary source for wigs, but if you have a cheaper request, don't be afraid to ask. Also, haggling is totally acceptable. (I'll give you the base cost which is the wig and shipping then you can throw out prices from there if you want)

It's easier to say what I CAN'T do, so:

*Creating parts in wigs without skin tops
*Three Dimensional Spikes (Dragon Ball Z style)
*Lace fronts

Thanks! ^3^

#2 MelinCoimas on 6 years ago

If it's just wigs, you should make the title specify that.