Hey Everypony! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic photoshoot :D

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#1 SmoresDragon on 6 years ago

Hi! First let me say I do NOT plan on running the shoot!! I just want there to be one and I want to get a good spot. So anypony else plannin' on cosplaying from mlp? C: I plan on being Princess Luna but shes not done yet ( & I'm not even 100% sure I can go to the con :/ but if I can I was thinking:) we could meet around 1 pm on Saturday? owo

List of Cosplayers:

Twilight Sparkle: HatsuneMikuFan1, Unwantedkikyo
Applejack: teoka, Nightengale37, CosZelkova
Rarity: Kamikaze Miko, ScribblesITM, Zafkiel
Rainbow Dash: PyremonInfernos' friend?, fantazyjinx
Big Mac: K1k2
DJ Pon3/Vinyl Scratch: gokulambo88, Freelancer
Princess Cadance/Cadence: BlackieChuu, Shipszer,
Shining Armor: BlackieChuu's friend, Shipszer's friend
Princess Luna: EternalZarya, MarchMochaHare?, ScribblesITM's daughter
Princess Celestia: FinalHeavenTifa,
Discord: Throdien, PyremonInfernos
Queen Chrysalis: Anti-Shoujo
Mare Do Well: simpbass
Soarin: fantazyjinx's friend
Photo Finish: Akishira

Other versions:
TS Punk - R2J
Dusk Shine - KaCrack
Pinkie Pie - inac

#2 Eurobeat King on 6 years ago

There was a thread already made regarding MLP:FIM but it's more of a "Looking for MLP Cosplayers to make a video" thread. Check it out here to see who replied:


#3 shipszer on 6 years ago

thats not an open shoot that that is a private thing where you must contact them prior to the actual convention, photoshoots are much different and more willing to take new people so I think we should schedule a shoot I was waiting for a thread for this :) I'll be going as cadnce

#4 StarsOfCassiopeia on 6 years ago

Hi there, all! I'm one of the people working on producing that video, so I can clear that up.

The thread we posted was mostly to find individuals interested in doing solo cameo-style shots, yes. However, we do need to get a couple shots with a big crowd!

That being said, I would personally love to see another 'open' photo shoot for people who want to get some stills. 1 PM on Saturday sounds excellent! I can help with running a shoot at that time, though I would like to have some others in board (in case video filming that morning goes a little long and I end up being late).

As for location, the two most popular are at the fountains and at the gazebo. Any preference?

#5 Kamikaze Miko on 6 years ago

Count me in as Rarity.

#6 SmoresDragon on 6 years ago

@StarsCASSiOPEiA Yay! That sounds cool :3 and yes please host it :D I was thinking the gazebo since I didn't get to go in it last year xp and there's a hetalia shoot 1pm Saturday at the fountains.

@Kamikaze Miko awesome! I love Rarity c:

#7 Throdien on 6 years ago

Discord will be attending the photo shoot! I am also involved in the music video, even though I'm not sure what I will be doing. Anywho! Plan on a Discord ( Me ) being there!

#8 SmoresDragon on 6 years ago

So is Saturday 1 pm at the gazebo good?

#9 StarsOfCassiopeia on 6 years ago

Seconding the gazebo idea. Can we get that updated on the master list of gatherings?

#10 K1k2 on 6 years ago

I hope to be there as Big Macintosh. I will see if I'm able to be there for the shoot if anything gets planed ^_^

#11 SmoresDragon on 6 years ago

I posted it on the photogatherings forum :3

#12 shipszer on 6 years ago

I'll go as cadence with shining armor :)

#13 simpbass on 6 years ago

Ill be there as the Mysterious Mare Do Well :-P

#14 EternalZarya on 6 years ago

I'll be there as Luna!

#15 Anti-Shoujo on 6 years ago

Dj Pon-3 Is In The House. Wub-a Dub Dub Mother F*****!