Uk Homestuck cosplayers I need you

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#1 silentOnlooker on 6 years ago

Hey! I'm looking for other cosplayers from the homestuck fandom to join up with for conventions.

I missed London expo this October because the people I was suppose to be going with all changed their minds and cosplayed something something else ;~;

SO!! I want to find other UK homestuck cosplayers who are willing to meet up for photos, conventions and hanging out?

I personally cosplay a range from the fandom, but mostly I'll be seen as Dave, John, Dirk, Jake, Gamzee and Lil Cal!

#2 DawnKestrel on 6 years ago

Hey I couldn't help but notice that no-one else had replied to this..... WHERE ARE YOU ALL I KNOW YOU'RE HIDING SOMEWHERE.

I know what I'll pm you and add you to the Homestuck UK group on facebook? That seems to be where most people are.

I cosplay Davesprite (though I'm remaking it), heck let's just say all the kids at some point since woah I didn't realise that I have practically everything for all of them.... plus Slick, Ms Paint (in the future at least!)... and some trolls when I find a decent facepaint that I can work with using my airbrush.

#3 Neelh on 6 years ago

If I get my wigs and paint, I'll be a wonderful Karkat-Dave thing.