I don't have ribbons but...

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#1 Anagon on 6 years ago

I'm not bringing ribbons...but my backpack will be filled with cans of beer. I'm bringing four 30 packs...find me...I'll be dressed as a contestant on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

#2 Puppy-of-Doom on 6 years ago

e-e i want some.... save me 2 for me and my friend when you come to the minecraft lan party! lol dont worry im of age!

#3 Anagon on 6 years ago

;) will do!

#4 Puppy-of-Doom on 6 years ago


#5 Maru-sha on 6 years ago

I'll take one just for the posterity. I don't like beer much. I'll take hugs if ya' have any of those~!

#6 Anagon on 6 years ago

oooo i might be fresh out of hugs. i'll have to restock inventory before i leave tomorrow...lol

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