Mortal Kombat: REPTILE

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#1 RandyWilde69 on 6 years ago

Well I made this over the course of a week. Definitley not perfect, but I was going moreso off of the Mortal Kombat movie. The mask is still a work in progress, but any constructive criticism/comments in general would be greatly appreciated!


#2 ComicFan22 on 6 years ago

Okay, this is pretty awesome. I'm a fan of the mask, I feel like you did a really good job with it.

#3 Sinnocent on 6 years ago

First off, I must SQUEEEE because I absolutely LOVE Mortal Kombat, and I don't think it is cosplayed enough!

I think the costume looks great! The only 2 suggestions I would make would be

1. Since his outfit is rather simple, I would look at putting the 'decorative' lines down the edges of all the pieces, it'll help give it that 'pop'

2. I know you said the mask is still a work in progress, and it looks great as it is, but please tell me you're going to do the little mouth part with all the teeth? Cuz that would be amazing <3

#4 Nostrum on 6 years ago

It looks pretty good to me. The only thing I hesitate on is how obvious it is that you're wearing shin guards on your forearms.

#5 nathancarter on 6 years ago

Looking good.

Since this is the critique forum, here's my suggestion:
The green tunic needs some sort of texture or added interest - a sewn hem along the edge, some piping along the edge (in black or shiny silver), a quilted texture.

Looks like the movie version had a noticeable hem on the edges of the tunic: