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#1 qurn on 6 years ago

So I was thinking about a skit for the masquerade, and I realized how much work I have would have to do. I also thought about how many other Daves are planning on doing the same thing I am, and then I thought, we're all Dave bro's here, how about we all join together and make the best skit ever.

What I'm thinking is simple, A Homestuck rap, rapped by the greatest rapper in Homestuck. I've already written a bit, but I'm more than happy to distill it down to the best bits. I'm using a Ronald Jenkies track to practice, if anyone has any suggestions for a backing track, especially a Homestuck track, awesome. For gods sake, no Gangnam Style, we're all going to be **** deep in gangnam parodies this year, so lets try to remain original.

I'm hoping I can get about 4 other Daves to take a vocal/writing portion. But I'd love to get as many Daves as posible up on stage, either dancing, or filling background.

I'd love to make this happen, so if you can help me get the word out, that'd be great. Also if you know of any place else I can post this to get more Daves on board, that'd be awesome too. Lets make this happen, I got a feeling that this is gonna be awesome.