Ohio OCTOBER Cosplay Meet-up Hike/Picnic/Photoshoot

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#1 Shichikou on 6 years ago

Hello Everyone~

Fall is here in the Mid-West Area, And i want to shoot for some cosplayers with a Gorgeous Fall scenes and their cosplay~


Either way. Here's the location i'm thinking about~
Trails we can take
And by far. I'm taking interestin Cedar Fall

We will most likely meet somewhere in the front and Then all Hike together to a location to shoot. I'm aiming at More of the Waterfall area~ looks gorgeous. So please if you are going to be attending. Make sure you get half dress for hiking purposes. Prepare yourself. Then get fully dress when we arrive at the location. Also. Feel free to bring snacks and Food for the mini picnic.

Date: SUNDAY, October 14
Time: 10:00 AM - However long it takes
Meet up area: Front at 10 - 11 AM or at the shoot location

Unfortunately It has to be on a Sunday. Since it's the only day i have off. SO please feel free to let me know your availability in terms of Sunday. and we'll choose one that majority agree on:)

Thanks everyone~ look forward to seeing you all~

Me as Photographer
A friend

P.S: Here's my work in case any of you wonder. ^^

and if you guys can bring more photographers along~ Please feel free to ask them to join as well! The more the merrier~

#2 Shichikou on 6 years ago

Last chance for this. Please contact me if you wanna meet up at the park. when the day arrive. there's no way of me knowing you'll be there to meet up with you