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#1 SephirothXer0 on 16 years ago

I've been playing DW for a long time (since it popped up on the Playstation), and I'm making a cosplay of Lu Bu from the third installment of the series. I wanted to know if there were any other Dynasty Warriors cosplayer out there

#2 ZiggyB on 16 years ago

I'll have [URL=http://www.divideby0.com/cosplay/zhaoyun/]Zhao Yun[/URL] for this year's AX.

#3 dizzylizzy on 16 years ago

ooh... this is a good opportunity to ask... does anyone have any good links to character shots for any of the games? i really am interested in doing one of the girls.... since they're the only ones i'll play. ::giggles::

#4 SephirothXer0 on 16 years ago

It's the ultimate site for Dynasty Warriors!

#5 dizzylizzy on 16 years ago

::: bows down to you::: i now luv you! lol ::goes to play with the webby site:::

#6 accelagirl on 16 years ago

me and my cousin and our da qiao and xiao qiao expensive as hell cosplay!

i wanna see all your costumes so much!!! *_*

*dw obsessed*

i really want to get some of da qiao's DW4 outfits done, but i'm working on some others at the moment, heh, so i don't have the budget to do those right now XD

#7 Ruri on 16 years ago

I'll to cosplay as Diao Chan and/or da qiao as they are both cool characters! But it'll be SO hard just to find all their materials anmd it would be expencive too...:(

#8 Nightmare on 16 years ago

That sounds like a good idea, I think that I will keep that in mind for the next costume that I do. Now who to pick is another thing.

#9 Nerve-chan on 16 years ago

I'm gonna cosplay as Diao Chan. . .?
You're going as LuBu?

#10 ryuichi fangirl on 16 years ago

I'm planning a Zhang He for Katsu...and LadyXara will be going as Sima Yi with me...lol...*wants to do a Zhao Yun someday*

#11 SephirothXer0 on 16 years ago

it seems the Sun Clan sisters are very popular... I may be the only male Dynasty cosplayer left... which may or may not be a good thing...
One difficult part is trying to get these dragons on the shoulder and skirt armor... any tips? let me know

#12 SephirothXer0 on 16 years ago

Zhang He is a cool character, but how are you gonna pull off his shirtlessness...? (under the circumstances...)

#13 KulaDiamond on 16 years ago

Funny considering that one of my friends' plan for Otakon...friends convincing me to go as a DW character. Nu Wa or Yue Ying were my original options but they're pushing me to go as Zhen Ji...O_o;;

#14 Ruri on 16 years ago

I'll love to see someone cosplay as Lu Bu one day. I think that'll be cool :D

#15 SephirothXer0 on 16 years ago

I would just paint the designs on, but some people might go for broke and have it sewn in o.O

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