ALA 2013: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Gathering

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#1 ]-Katsu-[ on 6 years ago

[CENTER]Welcome to the Persona gathering for Anime Los Angeles 2013!! Though this gathering isn't just for Persona cospalyers, as any and all Atlus cosplays from other games such as Devil Summoner, Catherine, and so on are also welcome to take part in the gathering as well. There will also be a "Dark Hour" gathering happening at midnight, more info on that gathering will be available a bit later.

Day/Time: Saturday, 5:00PM
Location: Pool Deck

Dark Hour Gathering
Day/Time: Sunday, 12:00AM
Location: Ballroom Lobby

King's Game Rules/Notes

Just a few things about the King's Game that will be played during the Dark Hour Gathering.

1. When it's your turn to be "King" make sure all orders/tasks are proper for all players, so be sure to keep them around p-13 level or so. No order someone to do something to extreme.

2. To go along with the above if someone is really not comfortable with doing what they were asked by someone then they can be asked to be skipped. Don't need to pressure someone to much into doing something.

Persona 1:

Persona 2:

Persona 3/FES/P3P:

Male Protagonist: Amandy-Chan's boyfriend
Female Protagonist: Sperbette, ZackPuppy's Friend
Junpei Iori: darkchappy
Yukari Takeba: Amandy-Chan
Mitsuru Kirijo: stolen_valkyrie
Akihiko Sanada: stolen_valkyrie's friend
Ken Amada: ZackPuppy, DeCreep
Shinjiro Aragaki: Sperbette's friend
Fuuka Yamagishi:
Ryoji Mochizuki: Katsu
Elizabeth: shizu-chan
Chidori Yoshino: Yasmine

Persona 4/Arena/Golden:

Protagonist/Souji Seta/Yu Narukami: BryAnime, Dotacchino
Yosuke Hanamura: Llytix's friend, Kazansky, ZephyrEclipse
Chie Satonaka: Llytix
Shadow Chie: Kitsunesraine
Yukiko Amagi: lexy-chan(Dark hour)
Shadow Yukkio: E. R. Laurell
Kanji Tatsumi: SoraSkater, stitchez(Winter)
Rise Kujikawa:
Teddie: dotaccino's friend(bear suit), G-Force
Naoto Shirogane: KaoruMuse
Ryotaro Dojima: dotaccino(Female)
Nanako Dojima: Shonut
Tohru Adachi: Geekies

Devil Summoner:


Catherine: luluko[/CENTER]

#2 Sperbette on 6 years ago

Hey there! I feel terrible for missing the AX event. I heard it was really fun, though. c:

I'd like to sign up as the Female Protagonist from Persona 3 Portable. I'm bringing a Shinjiro Aragaki with me as well <3

#3 ZackPuppy on 6 years ago

I'll be there as Ken o/

Now hopefully this year I'm not stupid tired and can go to the midnight gathering :'|

#4 SparrowRayne on 6 years ago

Should Shadow Rise make an appearance?

#5 ZackPuppy on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=SparrowRayne;4448652]Should Shadow Rise make an appearance?[/QUOTE]

I vote yes :D

#6 Sperbette on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=ZackPuppy;4448666]I vote yes :D[/QUOTE]


#7 Llytix on 6 years ago

I'm planning 2 Persona cosplays for ALA next year! Dunno which one I'll bring, I'll either be Chie, or Maid!Aigis depending on which day this takes place C:

Oh, I'll also have ( hopefully ) A shadow Yukiko with me as well C:

#8 Amandy-Chan on 6 years ago

Oh my goodness, yes! The persona gatherings at AX (both regular and dark hour) were the highlights of the whole con, so my boyfriend and I should be there as Yukari and Minato again. By then, we'll have full mission outfits done, rather than those crappy, last minute summer uniforms from AX.

#9 ]-Katsu-[ on 6 years ago

Sperbette: It's alright and I'm sorry you were not able to make it but yeah the AX gathering was a lot of fun, though I did miss the Dark Hour gathering.

ZackPuppy: Awesome and you have been added to the list.

SparrowRayne: I say go for it, so I give a third yes.

Llytix: Very nice and for now I'll put you down as Chie, should that change when a day is decided just to let me know and I'll update it.

Amandy-Chan: Got you both down on the list and happy to to hear you enjoyed the AX gatherings and the gatherings for ALA should be just as fun.

#10 dotaccino on 6 years ago

I'll most likely be showing up either as Fem!Dojima or shadow Souji, hopefully with a bear suit Teddie in tow. See you all there. : )

#11 KaoruMuse on 6 years ago

Could you sign me up as Naoto and SoraSkater as Kanji please?

#12 Llytix on 6 years ago

Ok, definitely going as Chie and I'm also definitely bringing a Yosuke! <3 :3 Sooo excited!

#13 ]-Katsu-[ on 6 years ago

dotaccino: Welcome and I'll have you down as Fem!Dojima, if you go with your other choice just let know and I'll change other wise you and your friend have been added.

KaoruMuse: Alright got you both added, welcome!

Llytix: Awesome and I have your friend on the list

Getting more hyped the closer the gathering get's and looking forward to seeing everyone's cosplays! I will also be adding a poll sometime so we can start to determine what day the gathering will take place on.

#14 BryAnime on 6 years ago

I shall be appearing as the main guy from Persona 4

I'm wondering if I can get a nametag that says "Sister Complex kingpin of steel"

If not, I'll make it say "broswagonist"

#15 ]-Katsu-[ on 6 years ago

Alright everyone, with the official gathering list now up for ALA I think it's about time we figure out the day for our gathering. I figured the best days for it to be on would either be Friday or Saturday, so feel free to vote for which you want.
I'll give the poll about a week or two and we should have are day decided, also for a time I'm thinking somewhere around 1-4PM area.