Anime suggestion thread!

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#1 Hoshi26 on 7 years ago

Hi all! This thread is for people to post what things they like in an anime (or what kinds of anime they like) and have others respond with animes they might like.

As for me, I am a large fantasy/sci-fi fan, but I also like slice-of-life animes with fantasy elements (like Durarara.) Some of my favorite animes are Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, Accel World, and Pandora Hearts. What do you think I'd like?

#2 kuroki-neko on 7 years ago

if you like sci-fi watch star trek. a good few sci-fi animes are Outlaw Star and cowboy bebop. but the .hack series you might like also

but samurai jack you might like

#3 Valoilmie on 4 years ago

Bumping up old thread ^^

I have been watching some anime with my dad, and was hoping for new suggestions.

We watched Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Cromartie High School, and I thought they were pretty good ones to watch with someone who doesn't usually watch anime. Both JJBA and Cromartie High school don't really take themselves too seriously (at least in my opinion?) and are pretty fun to watch. So something similar to those maybe?

With my father I would like to watch some animes that aren't perverted or too violent. I'm 19yrs old so basically horror/violence themes are okay but maybe nothing too graphic :3 Also not too long series...

Please help! Sorry English is not my native language so there might be some mistakes