Question About Masquerade Tickets

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#1 Leina on 6 years ago

Hi! I just confirmed that I'll be able to go to Metrocon and I'd really like to go to the Masquerade. Pre-reg has ended on the website and it says there's only 2 tickets left. Are tickets for the masquerade only online or will they have some available at the door? It's my first year going so I have no idea. Thanks (:

#2 SwordChick on 6 years ago

You'll be able to buy it there. It's just the pre-reg that's ended. Still $10 at the con.

#3 dogwitch on 6 years ago

by chance what is it anway i been wonder you wear the cosplay out fir you have or what?

#4 Leina on 6 years ago

Thank you for the help! I figured you would be able to, I just didn't want to bring everything for it and end up not going.

And I think that people do wear both cosplay formal and everyday formal attire. I've heard its a mix.

#5 Kitsune on 6 years ago

There is definitely a mix of what people wear for formal attire, be that just nice clothes or a cosplay that fits the bill (or people who create their own versions of characters in formal attire).

#6 dogwitch on 6 years ago

ahh. ok thanks. yeah their website need to be alot more user friendly and helpful