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#1 Cilo on 7 years ago

Hi there!

I am going to be completing in my first cosplay contest, and decided to do Suu from Clover.

First problem I've been having is the wings, and I know there are a few tutorials online, but I haven't made any sort wings before, so I need help mostly with the harness. (It is a strapless cosplay)

Was thinking of maybe having it strapped under the bust, waist, and around the legs?

Also, I ordered my wig from taobao, which was supposed to come white, but it is more blonde.

I was hoping if any hardcore fans think that it is an okay color for her? I can't order a new wig any time soon because the con is next month.

Thank you so much for any ideas! :)

#2 GunKatCosplay on 7 years ago

Her hair is typically white, but a very very light blonde will be fine. In regards to the wings, you are going to want to make a wing corset harness for the no straps. The best tutorial for this is from HCC cosplay at [url][/url]

Depending on the costume, it shouldn't need to go all the way to your legs, if you use steel bones in the corset, then it shouldn't be a problem with supporting even a heavy wing set.

#3 DreaM HunteR on 7 years ago

In my opinion your wig is OK :) Sometimes her hair looks like very light blonde.

#4 Cilo on 6 years ago

I don't know how to make a corset, and I don't have one to wear, not being able to afford to buy one.
Making a corset was going to be something I aimed at doing, but since I've never learned, it is a little worrisome. I have a friend who was willing to teach me, but I think it would be more her doing the work for me, and that is not allowed in a cosplay contest.

Is there another way to make a harness without shoulder straps? :x

With the wig problem.. Should I go for an off white for a fabric choice, so I can match my wig? or would that be too much?

#5 Mehdia on 6 years ago

The main reason you need the corset for the harness is because of the boning and close fit. It holds the structure of the costume up under the weight of the wings (even if they are light weight they can pull the costume down).

As for fabric color, I would still go with white.

#6 Cilo on 6 years ago

Okay. I guess I can somehow try to get a corset for it? Although, it won't be made by me, so would it work under the costume?

The wing tutorial I am using (on deviant art) says to use velcro attached to the harness to keep the wings up..

#7 Mehdia on 6 years ago

Do you have a link for the tutorial? That would help a bit.

And if you get the right kind of corset, it will fit under anything you wear. If you want, PM me and I can talk to you about them more (or even make you one on commission. I do tons of corsets).

#8 Cilo on 6 years ago

Hmm! I'll just PM you (probably when you read this, you'll have a message!!) 8D